Etech Contributes To The Recent Legalization Of Electric Scooters In Ireland

They sell the best electric scooters in Ireland

Ireland’s leading electric scooter seller Etech is proud of their contribution to the government’s recent decision to make E-scooters legal. Their range of low carbon emission E-scooters prompted the government to finalize this decision. Etech online store sells brands like Xiaomi, Ninebot by Segway, Gotrax and more.

"The legalization of E-scooters will reduce the carbon emission in our cities. We hope to work collaboratively with the government to provide a better environment for everyone." – Noted Etech’s CEO.

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E-scooters are the most energy efficient way to commute in an urban environment. They eliminate the stress of long walks and the indefinite wait at the bus stop. Etech’s E-scooters are next-generation products with elegant features like a vivid digital display that indicates the speed, battery level, and distance traveled via a smart-phone app. It additionally has a built-in speedometer, anti-lock brakes, lights, waterproof body, aluminum chassis, a quick folding mechanism for secure storage and weather resistant carbon coating. Their scooters are CE and UL certified so the batteries are 100% safe.

Etech is Ireland’s only trusted store for E-scooters and has scored a mark in the industry. Their quality products are sourced from the world’s best manufacturers.

About Etech

They are Ireland’s number one dedicated E-scooter store! They are the only website in Ireland dedicated to selling a range of the best quality electric scooters to the people of Ireland. They source their electric scooters from suppliers all over the world to ensure the most affordable prices, quickest shipping times and the best customer service both in Ireland and abroad.

They sell a range of the best brands in the electric scooter business including Xiaomi, Ninebot by Segway, Gotrax and more.

The business has a 100% root and offers a 12-month warranty on all of their electric scooters.

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