Everteam Diamond Sponsors of Digital Saudi 2030

Digital Saudi 2030 opened its doors to 400+ attendees on the 19th and 20th of November in Riyadh. The program was supported by Saudi Arabia’s National Digital Transformation Unit and Saudi e-Government (Yesser program) along with 25 solution providers from across the globe.

Everteam – the diamond sponsors of the program have a strong and impactful presence in Saudi Arabia along with deep-rooted experience, they are here to prove to its customers its strong determination in offering them the best guidance and the best assistance in their Digital Transformation Plans.

They have also formed a new “Digital Transformation Unit” within the company to better understand the 2030 vision along with the customer needs and provide the most appropriate approach for their transformation.

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This year they presented the “Everteam Diversification Plan” and how it is aligned with the 2030 vision. Moreover, they introduced their latest solutions and innovations and how they can be adopted in the various governmental entities.

Bilal HMEDEH, Executive Manager, Everteam said: “Customers come to Everteam, looking to create a digital customer experience strategy. Our strategy is set up to embrace a customer-centric view of their business in order to provide their customers with a consistent experience.” Their main focus is primarily on digital customer experience, customers that choose to transform digitally and are creating highly engaged customers which are more likely to react positively with the brand.

While looking forward to working with enterprises with large-scale projects such as data integration, Big Data, Analytics and IoT, Everteam offers top-notch solutions that can push organization towards quick diversification. With organizations looking for smart solutions for content assimilation rather than basic objectives such as to digitize a paper. The understanding, classification, analysis and archiving of content becomes the main challenge.

He further added: “Assessing a customer’s experience today is done digitally. Today’s customer is always “connected” and due to digital transformation, businesses have adapted their business models to comply with the new market system which is here to stay. Businesses are obliged to embrace technology by creating a digital working space to consequently deliver better measuring and assessment of a customer experience.”

While they are able to offer most of the solutions from Everteam, they always look to provide their customers with the best and latest innovations as a framework to strengthen their offerings. For that, they have advanced partnership agreements with Liferay, Talend and Qlik for customer experience, data intelligence and BI.

Digital transformation involves people, processes and technical aspects. From high-level profiles to employees working on day-to-day tasks handling on ground activities. Once this mindset runs throughout the organization, they embed the “technical” aspect to the transformation as they start to deploy the needed solutions for the organization to go digital.

To know more about Digital Saudi 2030, visit www.digitalsaudi2030.com or send an email to [email protected] for participation details today!

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