Exadigm N5 Now Compatible with eConduit Cloud to Offer Integrated Android EMV Payments

Exadigm and eConduit have worked together to make Android EMV payments possible using the Exadigm N5 device. This unique Android-based device will now work seamlessly with the eConduit platform and its supported point-of-sale partners for integrated payments.

The shift from conventional POS terminals to Android applications called for a unique change in strategy by payment solution providers. Exadigm’s N5 is the perfect response to the change. The device works as an integrated POS EMV solution. Moreover, businesses can integrate the N5 with existing point-of-sale systems in the eConduit cloud offering seamless debit, credit, and NFC related card payment options.

VP of Relationship Management of Exadigm, Patricia Love, expressed her thoughts about the new accomplishment by saying, “It is yet further proof of our dedication to improving payment processing for our customers. The integration of Exadigm with eConduit is a huge step forward for us. However, the benefits of this achievement will be even more prominent for our customers by allowing them to accept payments through the more advanced payment options while remaining EMV compliant.”

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The N5 device from Exadigm is a future-proof solution for merchants to accept virtually all types of payments, contactless or PIN-based. The integration of N5 Android EMV payments with eConduit’s cloud-based platform will simplify accepting complex EMV payments using the Android platform.

eConduit provides its PaaS solution in more than 50 countries and enables software/point-of-sale companies to simplify the acceptance of EMV payments globally for their merchants through a single Rest-based API. Our web-based platform removes the need for software installation and the issue of device compatibility in payment processing services.

About Exadigm

Exadigm is one of the global leaders in providing customized payment solutions to merchants in nearly one hundred countries. The company helps merchants customize payment solutions to address their industry-specific needs. Their list of services includes cellular wireless services, integrated solutions, payment solutions, and professional services. eConduit is one of the world’s biggest integration platforms in the cloud, and the integration of N5 Android EMV payments on to this platform makes Exadigm one of the first to take this route

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