Executive Summary: Q3 2018 report by InWara.

Crypto has grown in 2018 vs 2017 however, the rate of growth in Q3, 2018 has plummeted. Although Crypto industry is highly volatile compared to traditional markets, it gives returns like no other industry does when done right.

This ICO market analysis report of Q3, 2018, contains all the data required for due diligence. Extensive measures need to be taken to collate information from over 40 public sources onto a single platform. Inara does this by analyzing 3000+ ICO whitepapers, almost 2200 official company blog articles, 500 official press releases and continuous web monitoring of news and social media sources.

InWara is a premier database and a one-stop source of fundamental bottom-up research into today’s digital currency landscape. InWara provides data and research on companies behind ICOs, their competitors, funding, road maps, and management.

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This report gives veritable insights into the following subjects primarily.

  • ICO Landscape
  • Private Funding in ICOs and Blockchain Companies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Blockchain
  • Miscellaneous stats

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ICO Landscape: No. of ICOs by Industry (Q2 2018 vs Q3 2018): Fin remains king

Financial services remain the most popular sector in ICOs with novelty offerings gathering momentum in Q3. Blockchain as a technology has seen traction with Technology and Blockchain platforms gaining traction in Q3, 2018.

No. of ICOs by Country (2017 vs 2018): the USA leads, Africa lags

Further insights on various sectors available on the full report.

2018 far outstrips 2017 in number of ICOs entering the fray — buoyancy in Q1 & Q2 backed by high coin prices enabled the influx of ICOs

The full report on the ICO landscape elucidates the uncertainties surrounding utility tokens, regulations emplaced by various countries on ICOs and their effect on the market in Crypto space.

Private Funding in ICOs and Blockchain Companies

This section covers the extent of involvement in ICOs – a number of private funding rounds, funds raised, number of investments by top 10 Crypto funds.

VC involvement in pre-sale and private sale stages dominate with a few plays in Main sale stages as well. Private funding has seen significant growth of ~90% in 2018 with total rounds of funding doubling as compared to 2017 clearly indicating VC and Hedge funds interest in ICOs.

Number of investments by top 10 crypto investment funds

VC involvement in pre-sale and private sale stages dominate with a few plays in Main sale stages as well. Few HNI operating out of China, Japan and Korea, also dominate private funding rounds for select ICOs

of Private Funding Rounds By Country

USA dominated marketplace with the VCs preferring to operate out of USA. Asia leads Europe in Private funding with both China and Singapore seeing ~150 rounds of funding

Mergers and Acquisitions in Blockchain

This part includes all the mergers and acquisitions that took place in Q3, 2018 in the Blockchain space industry wise.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions in the blockchain space were up ~20% in Q3, 2018. However, no blockbuster deals were seen in Q3, 2018. The Tron -BitTorrent deal remains the largest acquisition in Crypto space pegged at a deal value of $140M.

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Miscellaneous stats:

Apart from these aspects this report also covers all the news and hype that has affected the market and the new entrants into this space.

Such as,

RoI trend during Q3, 2018

The vertical lines A, B, C, and D represent an event or news that may have affected the cryptocurrency market. The line ‘A’ represents the day when SEC officially postponed its approval hearing of Bitcoin ETFs.

The delay, as you can very well see caused a massive crash in the Crypto space with ICOs tanking more than 50%.

As the most trusted ICO database, all insights were gathered from InWara’sICO database. These insights are available real-time to all subscribers.

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