ezTalks Announces the Removal of Support for Internet Explorer

Today, the Web & Video Conferencing service supplier, ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd. announced the discontinuation of support for Microsoft’s classic web browser, Internet Explorer (IE). As of April 1st, users will no longer be able to access ezTalks, or any of its numerous features or services, through this browser.

ezTalks is proud to be the first Web Conferencing Solution provider to completely cut the support for Internet Explorer. As we know, IE has been constantly described as a slow and outdated browser, and every website designer’s “worst nightmare", since it fails to display pages as intended. Though once the top of the line, today it’s a poor excuse for a web browser and the "punch line" of every web browser joke. There is a humorous saying like this: “If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser you’re brave enough to ask that girl out.” Now we decided to say goodbye to IE and turn our resources towards a more advanced technology and browsing experience, and an overall web browser with a future.

The increasing gap between IE and other browsers means continuing support for IE would drain focus and consume considerable effort and resources that will ultimately affect further product development, stability, and functionality. This way, ezTalks can concentrate on the support for the browsers used by the vast majority of Internet users. Turning to browsers like Google Chrome will help make the best use of technology to benefit the users of the ezTalks platform.

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This is part of a continuing effort on behalf of ezTalks to provide users with the highest quality product and urge them to shift away from outdated technology.

Currently, ezTalks services support the use of IE for website browsing, live chat support, product purchasing, app downloading, and joining/starting meetings or webinars for both paid users and free users. After March 31st, 2019, however, all of the above-mentioned services will no longer be supported for IE. In this way, ezTalks can focus on improving users’ experience on other web browsers like “Google Chrome,” “Firefox,” “Safari,” or Microsoft’s newest browser, “Edge.”

Microsoft recently announced their plan to make “Edge” the better browser through more open source collaboration. Support for its better-known predecessor, Internet Explorer (installed by default on every Windows computer) will conclude for the Windows 10 system in 2025. Though, referred to as the “King” in the early 2000s, that held about 95% of the market share, it is now already facing termination of support for its previous versions: IE 8, 9, and 10. Only the latest IE 11 is still supported. Unsupported versions no longer receive security updates. Therefore, any user browsing with it becomes vulnerable to viruses and malware. As of 2025, Windows 10 will also cease updating IE 11 and, as such, ezTalks wishes to veer towards safer, more well-supported options.
If you are currently using Internet Explorer and wish to benefit from ezTalks’features and services, make sure to switch over to any other supported browser before April 1st. Furthermore, remember to inform your partners, teammates, or clients to change their browsers as well to avoid potential security risks that may arise from an unsupported browser.

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