Fintech services in the new era.

Financial technology nowadays not only attractive but also an absolute fortune in this modern age. Might be just a few people still unknown about dominant some market player in the globe like SpaceX, Tesla, Facebook Inc, Alphabet Inc, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

No doubt the present world got some revolutionary transformations of technology with the mentioned companies. Today many young entrepreneurs started their fantastic hobby to present in front of the active global community. The British firm MONEYCOX HOLDINGS LIMITED takes challenges for centralization of online services that’s reflects on the offline economy.

” Open source stable economic future for everyone ” with this motto this firm founded on July 31, 2015.
The top class to end-user oriented compliance products and services planning makes them different – Added CEO and Co-Founder NAP Shemul Ahmed.

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One account for all – introduced, that’s helps quick compliance and dedicated services to the real client. MONEYCOX HOLDINGS is setting up their subsidiaries globally as a part recently MONEYCOX HOLDINGS PTE LIMITED as a Singapore entry has finalized and ongoing co-operation establishing with the financial service commission Mauritius.

Regulation and compliance based service is one of their commitment and gradually extending on it.
As a open contribution opportunity, launched a block-chain technology ticker symbol is MSN, that denotes two version. This project fueling MONEYCOX HOLDINGS to expansion more services in the payment industry, like a brand PSP –, e-commerce, and the marketplace –, financial asset exchange –
All the generated revenue will distribute as the dividend to the MSN holders respectively. Additionally, MSN is a tradeable asset like stock or crypto asset.

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