FinTech startup set to demo live a new Hybrid money app that treats crypto and fiat the same

Mobile app company wamo Enterprise, is using the occasion of the Blockchain event in Malta to demo live the first truly hybrid money app. The company will showcase how the app works for exchanging money in crypto or fiat peer-to-peer (P2P) in the room and overseas, as well as some of the apps other unique features such as instant payment processing via stablecoins.

This breakthrough innovation is set to disrupt the P2P payments market, by enabling fast and instantaneous P2P payments in any currency near or far as easily as we currently use social media messaging. wamo enterprise have built an API-driven architecture that enables users to send, receive and transfer any currency: allowing for exchanging money effortlessly. It is the most responsive, adaptive, agile and scalable service to-date. wamo combines advanced Biometric Identification/Authentication, ML (Machine Learning), Blockchain and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to design a future-ready money app that fits everyone’s daily life wherever they are on the planet.

wamo founders believe that people should not be restricted and/or unfairly penalized for using their own money. Which is why they are intent on providing their services with low to no fees and have created an app that treats all money the same, enabling fair and transparent access for all its users – on their own terms.

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Stablecoin ready money app

wamo represents the next generation of users that own fiat and crypto yet are currently unable to easily switch between the two and offer same ease of access and features to both. At launch, the app will support TrueUSD, TrueGBP, TrueAUD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. The wamo app is custodian insured and stablecoin ready.

wamo users will be able to spend their money without bank fees from anywhere in the world make and receive payments with connections (find them in contacts or search nearby); set up recurring transfers; link with their bank accounts; view and access their digital wallets; make instant remittance payments via international mobile phones and buy, sell and exchange currencies – using whichever currency they choose. Significantly, wamo have made payments between Android and iOS frictionless too, another border eradicated.

the wamo offering is significant, with a partnership with TrustToken, now the globe is within your reach, securely and easily.

“wamo heralds the start of an era of borderless digital economic systems that is set to ease how value is exchanged, effortlessly, said Yanki Onen, wamo’s CEO/Founder. “We’re excited to pioneer this new chapter in the evolution of money.”

An underserved market

Cryptocurrencies pose all the prerequisites for becoming a viable replacement for fiat currencies – however the founders are pragmatic about the pace of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption and have focused on designing a secure, fun, user-friendly and frictionless experience that is fit for purpose no matter the currency the user chooses.

Addressing the fees and charges made by banks and other financial service providers is a top priority for the founders. Current charges for exchanging money and other financial services, they say, are unacceptable in today’s marketplace and by tackling this first they aim to ignite the P2P payments market and start breaking down the barriers hindering ease-of-use of both cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Pricing & Availability

wamo is a free app and will be available on iOS and Android. The app will become widely available in the UK and the Eurozone from June 2019.

“We strive to be at the forefront of change within the mobile payments industry,” says Yanki. “We’re incredibly excited about the radical transformation the app will bring to how value is exchanged and we look forward to introducing wamo to the world”

The first amongst its peers, the new hybrid money app offers users a unique experience with all their money via a single dashboard. Like its name promises, wamo enables instantaneous transactions – just like that.

About wamo Enterprise

Founded by a team of tech and finance entrepreneurs, wamo is a London based company with a focus on developing people-centric apps by completely describing the experience to make it simple and effortless for anyone to use from digital natives to grandmothers. A company with technology in their DNA and strong advocates of blockchain technology – wamo app is the flagship product developed by wamo with more to come.

Wamo roadmap

Q2 2019 – MVP Launch

Q3 2019 – Full Product Launch

Q4 2019 – Telegram Integration Launch

Q1 2020 – Machine Learning Integration for fraud and security

Q1 2020 – VIP region launch

Q2 2020 – Additional new features & perks

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