Fitbit OneTracker: A Better Way to Healthy Living

FITBIT understands the current generation is very keen on health-related issues and would want to live healthier, free from complications and diseases. Fitbit’s mission is to bring the fitness world closer to health-conscious consumers through the creation of fitness tracking devices.

The devices collect data and guide consumers through fitness goals they need to achieve.

Better health is made possible by the food we eat, exercise, daily activities and the manner in which we sleep. Fitbit One is one of the organization’s latest inventions and is the gateway to tracking the different aspects of fitness mentioned above.

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How to Experience Fitbit One

The gadget enables users to track the food they eat, activity, exercise, weight, sleep and records the data. This formulates the tracking function of the gadget. The next step is to sync the data to a computer, a phone or a tablet. This happens wirelessly hence it’s easy to connect with devices rather than experience the challenges of using a connection cable, which not be compatible with all devices and exposed to wear and tear.

Once synced, users can view and monitor progress on their devices. Progress monitoring helps users forge ahead to achieve their fitness goals. Fitbit believes that with fitness goals being achieved, many other people can be inspired by their friends and family to pursue the same course of action.

Why Choose Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker?

Fitbit claims that everyone’s approach to fitness is different thus having a one-size-fits-all may not always concur to the needs of their consumers. They prefer creating a family of products that work seamlessly with each other. Products that are affordable and compatible with the consumers’ favorite apps.

Fitbit claims to be the first in the industry for introducing wireless, automatic syncing as well as an open API. They also have algorithms that they consider a benchmark in the industry. Fitbit says they also have the leading battery-life technology. Battery life lasts 14 days before the user needs to charge the device. Still engraved in their brand is the thinnest, lightest GPS plus heart rate device which Fitbit sells to its users.

About the Device

The Fitbit One is available in two colors: burgundy and black. Most users prefer the blackFitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker because of its concealed design. Burgundy appeals more to the feminine user. The design is sleek and easy to clip on the belt, bra, pocket or any other parts the user wishes to conceal it.

Fitbit states that fitness is more fun when involved with friends. The organization has provided an App platform that enables users to share their progress. Sharing progress helps users inspire one another.

At Fitbit, they understand that private data is not to be shared but the achievements rewarded through achievement badges should be shared.

What the Market Thinks

According to most reviews, the device is small with a great display that will not require the user to stop their fitness activity while checking the Fitbit One Tracker. Its clip is secure to the extent that the device does not fall off easily.

The Fitbit App is user-friendly and interactive for consumers to use. Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity makes it easy to connect the device with others.

On the flip side, some consumers claim it is easy to forget to take off the device before doing laundry.

The device is sold on numerous online platforms including the Best Fitness Monitor.

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