Fixed Wireless Exceeds Satellite Internet

We are now entering 2020, a new decade with new and exciting ways to connect on a worldwide scale. New advances include Fixed Wireless and Satellite Internet services; both offering fast internet speeds. However, each has its differences.

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite involves transmitting signals from a dish to an orbiting satellite 22,300 miles above the Earth’s atmosphere. After the signal is received, it is beamed back to the ISP’s Network Operations Center (NOC) which is connected to the Internet. Then the signal is transmitted to your access point usually receivers like a home satellite dish.

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What is a Fixed Wireless?

Fixed Wireless is directed toward Access Points affixed to locations like cell or water towers and antenna arrays that are between the Distribution Point and the customer. The customer uses a receiver affixed to the home to connect a modem to their computers.

The Confusion About Fixed Wireless

There have been many debates on the reliability of a Fixed Wireless connection. However, with modification and enhancements, these concerns are no longer valid, yet Fixed Wireless still has a few misconceptions.

  • Misconception 1: A Fixed Wireless connection is unreliable.

While a Fixed Wireless connection relies on line-of-sight communication between the Access Point and the receiver, signal strength has advanced to improve connection during inclement weather, through trees, and around structures.

  • Misconception 2: A Fixed Wireless connection is slow.

A Fixed Wireless connection works by sending radio waves to the receiver in a customer’s home; the same fashion as cell service. It has been proven that connectivity is faster than cable lines.

  • Misconception 3: There is no difference between Satellite and Fixed Wireless service.

A satellite connection must be sent into space and back, then to a dish or antennae. A Fixed Wireless is the signal never leaves the atmosphere. Since it is closer to the ground, there is lower latency than satellite. The satellite also enforces strict data caps that Fixed Wireless does not have.Read More…

Currently, the best solution for internet users is Fixed Wireless because of lower latency, no data caps, and overall cost. If you have any questions about Fixed Wireless services, you can email or call us. Our service agents are ready to assist you.

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