FoodCloud gets into Entrepreneur Organization’s Accelerator Program

With their sight set on $1 million in annual revenue, FoodCloud Pvt. Ltd. has announced that they have been accepted into Entrepreneur’s Organisation’s prestigious accelerator program.

The program aims to equip promising startups with the necessary tools to grow at a rapid pace and multiply their revenue to the coveted $1 million mark. EO has clearly set the tone for the coming year with Thomas Edison’s famous quote, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

“Apart from our traction, our positive impact on women entrepreneurs who are looking to make a career from within their homes, makes us an attractive proposition for programs like these. It’s a way organization can make a positive change in the world through us!” says CEO, Vedant Kanoi.

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FoodCloud has previously received an investment from SOSV, the world’s largest accelerator VC which helped streamline their efforts and rapidly grow.FoodCloud has also been inducted into the Government of India’s Startup India Program.

FoodCloud is the first marketplace for truly homemade food. They’re the only way to enjoy homemade food without having to cook it yourself. FoodCloud currently delivers from 350+ verified home chefs in Delhi NCR & Kolkata.

Customers can enjoy a large variety of regional Indian and international food, desserts and snacks; as well as find authentic sources for anything they’re looking for. They have served 350,000+ meals thus far. FoodCloud is also the easiest way to start a party! Choose from more than 35 cuisines to cater your next occasion. They’re redefining home food! #HappinessIsHomemade

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