Forex and Cryptocurrency Mastermind Offers Affordable Training Program

Hassan Mahmoud is a world-class entrepreneur, trader, and investor. Over the past five years, he’s dominated the forex industry by making high profits as a forex trader. He then moved onto cryptocurrencies and started making even more money with them. His success can be attributed to learning the signals of when to buy and when to sell.

Now Hassan wants to help other aspiring forex and cryptocurrency traders. Currently, 90% of the traders in these currency markets end up losing their money because of impatience and worry. Hassan’s program teaches the importance of remaining calm and understanding that the markets always bounce back up after they’ve had a downward slump.

Hassan named his training program “CEED,’ which is an acronym for connecting, empower, elevate and develop. When students first start the program, they are “connected” to an expert who will be their coach throughout the learning process. Next, they are “empowered” to succeed by coming up with effective trading strategies. To ensure these strategies become even more effective, the program “elevates” students to the next level. Finally, students “develop” themselves by transforming into a mastermind too.

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CEED is a surprisingly affordable program which even novices can afford. Hassan is not like other entrepreneurs who sell educational programs for between $5,000 and $25,000. He wants the average person to be able to afford his CEED program. For an upfront fee of $247 and then $169 every 30 days after that, students will get access to a variety of tools and educational resources which will guide them on how to financially transform their lives through the power of forex and cryptocurrency.

Many of his transformational guest speakers include business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, social media influencers, traders, and any financially skilled person who has succeeded as a professional. These are people who already run businesses which are worth anywhere from seven figures to nine figures. Their purpose is to educate students of the CEED program and guide them toward the path of financial independence.

Hassan is only 26 years old, and yet, he’s a mastermind who educates students around the world on how to dominate in the forex industry. His main competitors are companies that you’re probably familiar with, such as,, and But the people who sign up to trade currencies on these websites don’t have the same tools that Hassan offers.

Perhaps the most critical tool that CEED students will receive is Hassan’s A.I. Forex software program. This is a much easier forex program to understand than what his competitors are offering. Hassan’s software is designed to eliminate confusion, stress, and the standard learning curve which so many new forex traders must deal with.

CEED is more than just a platform for students to connect with industry experts. It also gives them access to a global online community where they can connect to other students across the world and discuss their strategies and successes with them.

Hassan’s goal is to create a global public awareness of his expertise in the industry so that people will take his forex training program seriously. His short term goal is to help educate the masses on the importance of having a digital wallet. You can connect with Hassan and follow him on his mission at

If you would like to reach Hassan, please email: [email protected]

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