Founders Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men and Yareem Ali have a new app to help Schools & Artist!

CooleyHigh Experience is a first of its kind website & App. Where you can take music lessons from Celebrities, live-stream monthly Q&A with the instructors, collaborate with other artists from around the world, promote your music, get discovered & win all-expense paid trips to Las Vegas to work with music industry experts, all from your cell phone, laptop, or tablet!

This is a unique opportunity for kids, independent artist, or anyone who wants to learn what these celebrities did to become Stars!

Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men and Yareem Ali (founders), over the years we have received every music achievement award possible, sold over 60 million records and toured the world several times over. Wanya is revered as one of the best R&B vocalists of all time and Yareem is the go-to businessman/consultant for innovative and creative ideas for music, television & film.

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CooleyHigh Experience is a social online music learning platform, all classes are taught by celebrities, offer once a month live-stream Q&A with the celebrity instructors, a faculty that will help with the advancement of the careers of students/artist that prove to be exceptional and All-Expense Paid Trips to Las Vegas to work with our industry professionals for students from anywhere in the world (prize drawing every 2 months). Its free to join the "Experience" collaborate, promote your music and qualify for our free trips to Las Vegas, all classes come with a low monthly or an annual subscription.

We have spent the last 16 months developing the App/Website in order to teach and encourage the "Dreamers" 7-21 years old, the independent artist, and all the kids who have been affected by budget cuts, taking the arts out of their schools or limiting them. Wanya who grow up in the projects of the inner city immediately took to heart what was happening to the schools in the inner city and wanted to offer voice lessons to the children via DVD. Yareem took the voice lessons idea and developed a platform so that everyone could benefit from celebrity taught courses in all areas of music via cell phone, laptop or tablet and put together a faculty to aid in further development. The two of us have paid for all of the expenses to make the App fully functional out of pocket to show that we are fully vested in making this a reality and also pledge to give access to 50 schools/community centres from around the world for free!

Your contributions will aid in the development of several more celebrity instructed courses and marketing funds which will be used for brand awareness. This will help the children and upcoming artist know about this amazing opportunity.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We are looking for funding in the amount of 1 Million Dollars to secure 3 more celebrities and film their courses cost $230,000. Marketing $50,000 a month for 12 months cost $600,000. Tech support and maintenance $170,000.
  • Perks Perks Perks!! We are offering CooleyHigh Swag, and drastically reduced gift certificates for Wanya Morris of Boyz II Mens course "Learning How II Sing"
  • If we do not reach our entire goal we will reduce the number of courses we would like to add and slim down our marketing budget, and if our goal is to exceed we will build out our live-stream fundraising capabilities for users to raise money to attend music conventions, record albums, shoot music videos or pay for anything music related.

The Impact

Music moves and inspires the world and government funding cuts have eliminated or reduced the art access in schools globally for our talented youth. If a child or adult wants to better themselves or pursue a dream the tools to make it a reality should be readily available to them and what better way to make this possible by having celebrity artist who has achieved great things, show you what tools they used to make them the best at what they do! Your contribution will help make a dream come true for people everywhere.

Please see the stats and testimony below.

The NCES found students’ lack of access to arts education significantly contributed to their underwhelming scores. Students who took art classes or music lessons inside and/or outside of school visited museums or attended theatre performances generally scored better on the test.

“If students take more courses in these areas and also have an engagement in the arts outside of school, they tend to do better,” said Peggy Carr, the acting commissioner for the NCES.

Studies show how increased access to arts education can lead to better grades and higher rates of graduation and college enrollment.

Safian said her staff interviewed parents before and after their children enrolled in CityArts programming. Roughly 65 per cent believed their children’s grades had improved since joining City-arts and nearly 90 per cent said their children seemed happier at school.

“The fact that the parents perceive their children are doing better in school and that they are enjoying school more is significant."

Risks & Challenges

We have 3 challenges ahead of us.

  • Money, in order to get our platform in front of as many people to help guarantee its success, also for maintenance and tech support to ensure a positive experience for the end user.
  • Reach to more celebrities to join the team and create more classes.
  • Getting schools to accept our platform.

We are qualified to tackle these obstacles head on! We have access to ICM one of the largest talent agencies in the world to bring more A-list celebrities on board. Wanya has been represented by them for over a decade and they are ready and waiting to start once we give word, as for money we have access to several VC firms who are ready and willing to raise funds for CooleyHigh Experience, but we would rather use crowdfunding as it will help us grow the community, keep creative control and keep it a platform made by artist for the artist. As for schools we are already in talks with Denver Public Schools and faculty from Camden School District and will approach each district separately as they all have different rules and obstacles that have to be overcome and the best way to do that is to start a small pilot program with a community center or performing arts school and prove that it is successful and then move into public schools as an after-school program. We are fully prepared and qualified to tackle the risk and obstacles facing us.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help by spreading the word via social media and word of mouth. This platform is for everyone from the youth to anyone who wants to become a better singer, dancer, musician etc.

Visit our splash page until the site is launched in July

Please use Indiegogo share tools. Thank you all for reading and we appreciate you.

Yareem (Michael) Ali


CooleyHigh Experience

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