Galaxy Digital Print Launches Heat Transfer Stickers for T-Shirt Graphics

T-shirt printing is a fad all over the world. With graphic tee trending among both men and women, customization came at its heels. Now t-shirt lovers have the option to print the t-shirts of their choice with a graphic of their choosing. A number of stores have popped up all over the city bringing t-shirt printing to the doorsteps of common people. Galaxy Digital Print is one of the names that is often mentioned in digital printing. Knowing for t-shirt printing and such things, the company is one of the first in Delhi to introduce graphics customization in clothing and accessories in the city.

Galaxy Digital Print is a digital print company that specializes in Gift items printing in Delhi. Quite a pioneer in that, the company brings to offer a bunch of services in that. In t-shirt printing, Galaxy Digital offers sublimation printing, logo printing, jersey printing, graphics printing, customized printing and

umbrella printing in Delhi. Already a much-coveted destination for t-shirt printing, the company recently launched heat transfer stickers. This is a first for Galaxy Digital Print and has been very well received by its buyers. Heat transfer stickers are not very rife in Delhi as yet, and that makes Galaxy Digital one of the first sellers to bring it to the market. The stickers are listed under the Products. Under it, buyers will find a variety of heat transfer stickers ranging from designs to brand logos. They have logos of Jockey, Puma, Adidas, Freedom Camp, Microsoft, Prada, and such brands. In addition to that, they also have signs and symbols that are in popular demand. Galaxy Digital Print also offers customized heat transfer stickers to those who are looking for self-designed decals. Just send in a design and they will get it printed on a heat transfer sticker in just no time. All the stickers available at Galaxy Digital Print can be printed on t-shirts, but also on sweatshirts, tracksuits, bags, pillows, ties, flags and other promotional items.

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That aside, Galaxy Digital Print also offers custom printing services for a range of products like sweatshirts, tracksuits, umbrellas, gifts, track pants, leggings, school bags, travel bags, caps and hats, scarves, pins, and the likes. With all the top brand logos now available in heat transfer stickers, buyers can now buy t-shirts and other apparel from the product section and customize them at will. With these stickers, even an ordinary t-shirt can become a branded one or a designer product.

As for the cost, Galaxy Digital Print is always very moderate in its pricing. All products are priced competitively. Customization adds to the cost a little, but the company makes sure that the final cost never gets as high as buying a branded shirt. In fact, together with printing, the apparel cost about half of that of a branded one.

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