GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre Selects Trust Stamp for NCSC Cyber Accelerator

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre announced Trust Stamp’s acceptance into its Cyber Accelerator.

Launched in 2017, the 9-month accelerator program is a collaboration between the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS), and Telefónica’s Wayra UK.

As an initiative under the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021, the accelerator aims to ensure that the UK as a nation is secure and resilient to cyber threats, as well as prosperous and confident in the digital world.

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Participants are chosen through open competition using technical challenges written by technical leaders within the NCSC. The challenges identify areas of cybersecurity weakness where new products are needed.

Participants benefit from access to experts from the NCSC, GCHQ and a notable group of sponsors and partners, a financial grant, commercial growth opportunities and office facilities within the accelerator in Cheltenham, UK. Participants also receive connections to the Telefónica investor network with prior graduates receiving more than £20m in funding.

Trust Stamp develops artificial intelligence solutions that create immutable, self-sovereign and tokenized identities while identifying synthetic identities and identity theft. Trust Stamp’s core design principles emphasize data security combined with innovative problem-solving technologies and proven impact.

Trust Stamp is among the first US-headquartered companies selected for the program from an impressive pool of global applicants and the company’s involvement is the latest in a series of public-private partnerships that have extended its international reach and impact.

"In early 2018 we entered the UK market in partnership with Propertymark to provide an anti-money laundering solution for Estate Agents, and we are enjoying growing adoption. We are thrilled to be selected for the accelerator as we are confident that working with the NCSC, GCHQ, and Wayra will both advance our technology and accelerate our UK growth" says Gareth Genner, CEO and co-founder of Trust Stamp, and a UK native. Gareth went on to say, "Our technology has been successful in facilitating secure data storage and sharing as well as tackling fraud in the United States and internationally, and we look forward to leveraging that experience with the resources, broad access characteristics and expertise of the NCSC, GCHQ, and Wayra”.

About Trust Stamp:

Trust Stamp applies advanced cryptographic techniques and Artificial Intelligence-powered presentation-attack detection tools to biometric and other identity data to create a proprietary non-PII Evergreen Hash. The Hash is unique to the subject and provides a tokenized identity that cannot be reverse-engineered. The Hash constitutes "anonymized data" and is immune to data breaches. Hashes can be compared to Trust Stamp’s proprietary Identity Lake, video-streams, photo-ID, and data-mined images to establish a subject’s identity and can be augmented with pivot points to other relevant data to enable zero-knowledge-proofs. Trust Stamp technology is used in multiple industries, including banking, FinTech, KYC / AML compliance, real estate, travel/hospitality, and law enforcement.

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