GDPR and Data Protection conference in Berlin 8th & 9th November : Group Futurista

Group Futurista a leading startup in conferencing is organizing the conference on GDPR and Future of Data Protection, bringing together under one roof the best thought leaders in the Data Protection world.

CEO and Founder of the company Satvik Katyal believe that conferencing is an art in itself, which has the potential to promote a correct dialogue and create new synergies, and with new technologies emerging in the wake of Industry 4.O, conferencing industry needs a complete revamp. “It should no longer be perceived as a mere B2B broker for businesses rather it can potentially play a very significant role in regulating and settling the technological chaos likely to emerge due to externalities of industry 4.O” stated Satvik. “This will happen by bringing together businesses , academicians and policymakers under a common platform to decide upon the future of technologies or the future of humanity indeed as preparation cannot be the responsibility of the legal, IT or compliance teams alone, but must be a cross-functional effort with buy-in from stakeholders across all departments” he continued.

For its first conference Group Futurista is bringing onboard Stefan Kratschmer – Chief Privacy Officer Europe IBM, Florian Thoma – Senior Director of Data Privacy – Accenture, Paulina Jedwabska – Data Protection Officer at Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport at UK government, Mario Brandenburg – data protection spokesperson and German Member of Parliament, Tim Walters – renowned Data protection speaker and privacy lead at The Content Advisory, Lee Schlenker – Principal consultant of the Business Analytics Institute Europe and many more as keynote speakers.

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GDPR has played an important role in curbing data related delinquencies in the European nations but as Tim Walters questions “ Will the GDPR be the immovable object that reins in the accesses of capital surveillants, curbs its insatiable appetite for personal data, and introduces an era of responsible, ethical and mutually beneficial data processing, Or rather surveillance capitalism proves to be an irresistible force for which GDPR will be of no more significance than a twig in raging river”, the argument puts some concerns over the data protection initiatives taken by the EU so far.

A teaser video by Tim Walters for Group Futurista Event:

Data protection is not an easy game. It has enormous dimensions ranging from Privacy for children, surveillance capitalism, personal identity threats, forced consent, algorithmic accountability etc and Tim Walters fears that if not controlled timely, this mammoth can destroy societies by granting access to our personal identities to a few powerful who will be able to manipulate our choices as per their will.

On the other hand, GDPR technology-driven companies like Oculd, Hotshot, Mailjet, and Cybot are sponsoring the event, promising law complaint solutions for businesses to go ahead with their data practices with heads held high.

As Lee Schlenker warns the global leaders into data practices “Your data will never be worth more than that of your stakeholder’s confidence in your data practices”, Satvik believes that call for data protection is an ideal start point to question externality impacts of industry 4.O.

Technological progress is inevitable. And the technology is growing at an enormous rate. Will policymakers be able to keep up the pace with that? Is a serious question, government representatives will be answering at the summit and with a hope for the prevalence of justice and humanity, Europe will be looking forward to those answers.

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