Genius Greshun De Bouse Launches New DVDAY630™ App For Disabled Veterans

WOW! So Exciting! What do you call someone who can do everything, and do it well? Greshun De Bouse of course! Yes! The genius, all-powerful Greshun De Bouse not only founded the acclaimed Disabled Veterans Day™ celebrated across the U.S. and most recently issued a proclamation from the Governor of Alabama, but also Greshun De Bouse is the genius brain that developed the new DVDAY630™ App for disabled veterans- AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon and Google Play-Search: DVDAY630!!! (Apple coming soon)

This girl is brilliantly amazing and altogether lovely!

DVDAY630™ is a namesake acronym for Disabled Veterans Day™ celebrated annually June 30!

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With DVDAY630™ App, U.S. disabled veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) can access the DVDAY630 Brain Train™ for memory-cognition improvement and restoration, experience virtual one-click connection to any U.S. VAO, create login username/password for setting personalization and more secure app-maneuvering, access the official Disabled Veterans Day™ website, connect to 911 right from the App in an emergency, and much more!

Perhaps one of the most exciting features within the App is the DVDAY630 Brain Train™ for those with traumatic brain injury (TBI) diagnosis. With her extensive education, experience, and research in behavioral sciences, social sciences, counseling, neuropsychology, positive psychology, cognition, cranial neuron rejuvenation, and more, brilliant Greshun De Bouse formulated DVDAY630 Brain Train™ to restore and improve memory and cognition especially.

De Bouse says,

In a small study of 100 disabled veterans-50 males/50 females of varying demographics with mild/moderate TBI, who utilized DVDAY630 Brain Train™ once daily for 30 days, 61% self-reported a significant increase in short-term/working memory, 29% reported some increase in short-term/working memory, and 73% self-reported significant increase in long-term memory. Participant identities remain confidential to preserve the integrity of the study. But these numbers are HUGE! This trumps ALL!

Devoted to disabled veterans, Greshun De Bouse says "Implications for DVDAY630 Brain Train™ healing TBI are evident, but further large-scale studies on disabled veterans are necessary to lend further credence to existent evidence. However, its positive results on disabled veterans with TBI is indicative of DVDAY630 Brain Train™ efficacy potential in laypersons with TBI as well! This is HUGE!"

Also, DVDAY630, users can connect to 911 on the App in an emergency because "Seconds mean everything in emergencies. Just ask any emergency response professional. Allowing users direct connect to 911 from the App saves at least seven seconds of having to exit the App, locate the keypad, pull up the keypad, and actually dial the digits. It seems small, but it is the small things that make a HUGE difference in emergencies," De Bouse says.

Users can virtually tap an icon to connect to their local VAO, and they can create a non-user-to-user profile for a more personalized DVDAY630™ experience!

We told you Greshun De Bouse is amazing! This is all her brainchild. She truly can do whatever she wants, and we love her doing it so well! Her sincere passion for what she does trumps all for everyone she encounters!

Now Greshun De Bouse is set to receive another proclamation for Disabled Veterans Day™-this time from Mayor of Dunwoody, GA. The mayor plans to sign/read the proclamation at the upcoming city council meeting on October 28, 2019. De Bouse says while she may be unable to attend the proclamation issuance at the city council meeting, "I am always honored when everyone-a mayor, governor, or president appreciates the work I am doing. This trumps all, and makes it all worth it! #dvday630

Downloading DVDAY630™ App on Amazon, Google Play, and soon to come on IOS! Search: DVDAY630™ DVDAY630™ App

By downloading DVDAY630™ App, you are supporting U.S. disabled veterans!

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