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Technology has rapidly advanced in the last few decades. There have been continuous inventions and technologically innovative designs and equipment in the recent times. These innovations have emerged to be extremely beneficial for people as it has helped in various industries. One such innovation that has helped professionals of various industries is 3D printing and scanning technique. Right from the manufacturing industry to the healthcare sector, the utilization of 3D printing and scanning has come out to be advantageous for all the major industries. The technology dates back to the 1980s and since the very beginning of the 3D scanners and printers, these have been majorly used in the manufacturing industries. Then, the utilization of this technique seemed to be confined to the manufacturing industry. However, of late, the technique has been introduced in numerous other industries and it has flourished since then.

3D scanners and printers are now used in jewelry designing, automobile industry, art and designing, the Healthcare industry and one of the recent additions are the Science and Education industry. Introducing 3D scanners and printers in these industries opened gates for numerous opportunities. Novabeans is one of the leading providers of 3D scanners, printers and all the related equipment related to 3D printing technology. We provide premium designs customized in different materials and sizes. Novabeans offers solutions for various industries ranging from architecture and aerospace to healthcare. If you are looking for 3D scanners, we, at Novabeans, have just the right options for you.

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  • Multiple Services
  • Serving all the major industries
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Associated with leading companies from all across the world

About Us:

Novabeans is one of the leading companies providing services related to 3D printing and scanning. We present services that are beneficial for all the major industries. Visit our website to have a look at the products and choose the one that goes as per your requirement.

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