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GILL Solutions has always aimed to help businesses and entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge by offering strategic solutions to various digital marketing. They strive to promote the strategic growth of their clients by serving as a single source for quality branding, marketing, and advertising solutions.

Along with the various Internet Marketing Services, they also provide training and coaching programs to various individuals and institutions that wish to enter the world of digital marketing. Providing tailored services, unique marketing ideas, and constant support to their clients, the company has established its mark among the many agencies across the globe.

Digital Marketing Solutions Provided by GILL Solutions

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  1. Conversion Rate Optimization – Conversion Optimization is an effective technique that helps in improving a business’s marketing and website results, turning potential clients into real customers. The process comprises of data analysis, evaluation of the testing process, optimization of website content etc. GILL Solutions execute the conversion optimization process in three steps:
  • Google Analytics Audit of Existing Data

  • Optimized Reporting for Improving Performance

  • Delivering the report with the required adjustments

  1. PPC Campaign Management – Pay-per-click campaigns conducted on platforms like Facebook Adverting, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, and Bing are one of the fastest ways of driving new traffic to the website. When executed effectively, PPC Campaigns can continuously generate leads and enhance the conversion rate.

  2. Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization or SEO is probably the most widely executed marketing technique by digital marketing agencies. SEO involves the optimization of the website content so that it appears on the first few search results of search engines like Google. This is achieved by delivering quality content so that the website achieves a good rank.

  3. Social Media Marketing – The various popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter serve as an excellent platform for reaching out to potential customers. GILL Solutions provides an effective SMM campaign which involves the generation of content to capture the attention of the target audience and then converting them into clients and customers.

  4. Other Services – Apart from the above digital marketing services, GILL Solutions also conducts training programs like Google Analytics Bootcamp, YouTube Marketing Bootcamp, and Digital Marketing Learning Programs. They even have an iGSM Digital Marketing Certification Course for enthusiasts.

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About the Company
GILL Solution is a reputed Digital Marketing and SEO Agency that is based in both Canada (Toronto) and the US (Tampa). The Company assists businesses in accelerating their growth by serving a one-stop-solution for all digital marketing needs like SEO and social media marketing.

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