Glassbox Digital and Stratigent, an Ebiquity Company, Announce Partnership

Glassbox Digital, home to one of the leading big data solution providers in the market that automatically captures and indexes 100% of the digital sessions for both web and mobile applications, has signed a strategic partnership with Stratigent, an Ebiquity company, the leading global marketing and media analytics consultancy to brands worldwide.

The partnership allows both firms to strengthen their positioning within digital customer experience suites by combining Glassbox Digital’s unmatched accuracy and AI-powered solutions with Stratigent’s industry-leading services focusing on creating clarity and improving marketing performance across financial services, retail, FMCG, travel, hospitality, and other prominent industries.

Steve DiEuguenio, GM North America at Glassbox Digital says: “Today’s announcement brings together two visionary industry leaders, with complementary cultures and track records of success. Our partnership will drive growth for both companies, and ultimately provide unique value for our customers, which is the fundamental objective of both our organizations.”

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Stratigent has built a strong reputation for offering data-driven, evidence-based marketing and media services since 2002 and Glassbox Digital has taken digital customer experience management to new heights by empowering enterprises to view customers’ digital journeys in real-time and to access the most sophisticated customer behavior analytics, whilst shortening the conversion funnel. Our partnership offers brands the best combination of solutions with Stratigent enabling customers to harness the full power of the Glassbox solution.

Maigari Jinkiri, Chief Revenue Officer at Ebiquity – North America adds: “We are excited to partner with Glassbox to offer industry-leading customer experience solutions to our clients that enable them to extract the most potential value from their investments; and I am personally pleased to work with a team we believe will continue to innovate the platform at scale for cutting-edge organizations around the world.”

About Glassbox
Glassbox empowers organizations to manage and optimize the entire digital lifecycle of their web and mobile Customers. By leveraging unparalleled big data, behavioural analytics, session replay, free-text search and application monitoring capabilities, Glassbox enables enterprises to see not only what online and mobile Customers are doing but also why they are doing it. Most importantly, Glassbox informs and facilitates action based on those insights that can lead to enhanced Customer experience, faster Customer disputes resolution, improved regulatory compliance and agile IT troubleshooting. Glassbox’s solutions are used by medium to very large enterprises mostly in the telecommunications and financial services and insurance industries and could cater to the needs of a wide range of verticals including healthcare, travel, hospitality and business services.
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About Stratigent
Stratigent, an Ebiquity company, is a world-leading, technology-enabled, independent consultancy, specializing in marketing and media analytics. We help more than 80 of the top 100 brands worldwide utilize data, tools, analysis, and insights to make better (and more informed) media and marketing decisions. We create clarity for our clients. As a trusted advisor, we’ve successfully completed more than 500 projects across every industry and evaluated +$16B combined marketing spend. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to data, and we continue to evolve our approach, our people, and our focus as the market changes. We partner with advertisers to create clarity across all marketing investments and channels to advise on where opportunities lie and how to best approach building a data-driven culture rooted in optimization. We do this by being independent, value-driven, and candid. We care about our clients and will go above and beyond to ensure their success.

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