Goodbye Ineffective Billboards, Hello Increased Impression Times and Higher Returns with Commoot

Chances are, you’ve seen a billboard before. Do you recall the subject matter of the billboard in particular? Chances are, you don’t.

Regardless of industry, ad recall is a considerable problem of impression-based advertising. Consumers are busier and more distracted than ever, and with endless adverts fighting for their attention, digital noise has become analogous with annoyance. One company offers an exciting new approach to Out of Home (OOH) marketing, and they expect it to change the way you see billboards.

Commoot is a Chicago-based Startup with big plans for the Out of Home marketing space. Rather than presenting the same billboard concept in a digitized way, 8 professionals aim to bring brand awareness to the road. How? By relocating extremely memorable advertisements to eye-level with consumers from their vehicles, Commoot eliminates missed impressions and guarantees a longer impression time than traditional billboard advertising.

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Why revamp one of the oldest forms of advertising? Commoot’s founder Dan Salganik says, “Brands have to be visible digitally and physically to see results. The idea to launch Commoot occurred while I was sitting in Chicago traffic, staring at the blank trucks sharing the road with me, and I realized how much of an opportunity there was to advertise directly in front of drivers and passengers.”

Commoot combines beautifully designed advertisements with eye-level branding, helping brands to create engaging, memorable connections with consumers. Commoot makes OOH easy and effective by allowing brands to choose the advertising options that best suit their goals. Commoot uses a number of APIs and proprietary data points to determine the best demographics and routes for ads from every industry. Commoot’s in-house team of experienced designers use their digital and physical marketing background to create memorable, exciting OOH advertisements. Commoot also allows brands to utilize their current OOH advertising creative, ensuring branding consistency and improving the ROI of other forms of marketing. The result? 300%+ improved impression time, higher ROI from existing OOH campaigns, and a message that truly connects with the target audience.

“Impression-Based advertising has always been around in one form or another. Out of Home (OOH) Advertising helps consumers remember brands and improves the ROI from every other form of marketing.” says Marissa Ryan, Commoot’s CMO. “The key to marketing is to be present where your customers are. Customers aren’t 500 feet up in the sky on the side of the road, so why advertise to them there? Commoot puts memorable ads at eye level, eliminating distractions and improving brand retention.”

With Commoot, OOH marketing isn’t just for billion-dollar companies, and OOH doesn’t just mean the same boring billboards. Get a free quote for adding Commoot advertising to your current OOH marketing campaigns by visiting Have an idea? Contact a specialist today to learn how Commoot can support your goals.

Commoot brings “awareness to the road” by utilizing unused advertising space on the trailers of semi-trucks, box trucks, and large vehicles. Graphic, eye-catching “billboard-like” ads are attached to trailers through heat-wrapped vinyl or a ‘poster’ framing system. Commoot helps brands by supporting brand awareness initiatives, as well as creating a stronger and more tactical campaign for clients.

To apply for Commoot’s Beta program, visit today.

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