Hammer Has Many Exciting Headphones For Sale

Hammer deep bass Headphones; music lovers and fitness freak will love them

Hammer makes tech-smart audio and fitness bands with a focus on product design excellence, strict quality controls, and reliability.

Hammer, a company known for its EQR Mantra (Excellence, Quality and Reliability)is following up on the success of their headphones by rolling out its new features.

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Hammer is currently selling exciting new headphones. The models operate with the latest technologies in mind and produce the best sounds without wires. People will be interested in what’s available and how well the headphones can work for many needs of value.

The truly wireless Solo and Solo 2.0 are both available through Hammer. These are truly wireless earbuds that provide great sound without taking up lots of physical space while it is being used.

The units work with the Bluetooth 5.0 standard for wireless connectivity. They produce HD-quality sounds while keeping a consistent connection that will not drop in and out while in use. The Realtek chipset series also provides a convenient approach for reading the audio quality on the headphones. The exceptional sound quality makes it a useful choice. The Solo series supports noise isolation and is also IP4X waterproof.

The trendy look of the Solo series makes it highly enjoyable. The user will look sporty when getting the model ready for use.

The Solo 2.0 model features an 800mAh battery that the user can transport anywhere. The earbuds for the Solo 2.0 can be charged up to eight times before the base battery on the unit has to be recharged. This provides a long-lasting model that works for all of one’s listening needs.

There are a few traditional headphones for people to find through Hammer as well. The Plunder and the Bash are a wired and wireless headphone model. The two designs come with unique qualities and combine to produce some of the best sounds for hearing.

The Bash headphone features a Bluetooth 5.0 link that works at 10 meters. The unit can work for about eight hours on a single battery charge. The lithium battery provides extra energy and power without overheating or taking a while to charge up.

The Plunder features a Bluetooth 5.0 connection and can work for five hours. The passive noise cancellation feature ensures that quality sounds can go through in moments. The deep bass support is essential to note, as it helps with managing the most profound and most intense sounds that may come out. The IPX3 waterproof body also provides a better approach to managing the sounds that one wants to hear.

For more details about these products, please contact [email protected] or go to www.hammeronline.in

About Hammer

Founded in 2018, Hammer is an Audio and Fitness Tech Brand, with a mission to provide products which are excellent on design, performance yet so easy on the pocket that every household in the country can afford.

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