Hello Supernova: the start-up ‘opportunity platform’ launches

July 2019 sees the launch of Hello Supernova, a new sales, and marketing platform that aims to reimagine that way buyers of B2B products and services connect with providers.

Set-up by two B2B industry veterans, Jamie Kelly and Neil Harper, Hello Supernova is a free-to-access ‘opportunity’ platform designed to simplify the way buyers find and engage with relevant B2B solutions, and how providers gain access to live and timely sales opportunities.

Utilising fresh professional and psychological compatibility metrics, the platform helps connect the right people and the right personalities to the right products at the right time. By doing so it’s designed to reduce the colossal inefficiencies and ineffective customer engagement that typifies so much of today’s B2B landscape.

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“I’ve worked with some of the biggest global brands, both agency-side and client-side, my entire career,” said Jamie Kelly, Creator, and CEO of Hello Supernova. “And I just got to the point of exhaustion with the systematic failures I see within the B2B marketing industry, such as the ‘spray and pray’ tactics we all see that yield no end result and the (I would argue) increasing disconnect between sales and marketing.

“Hello Supernova seeks to end all that by giving providers the chance to access highly relevant opportunities at the point when an individual wants to hear from them. It’s about ensuring anonymity for the buyer until they’re ready to engage. It’s about stimulating innovation and giving buyers the chance to hear from new vendors who would otherwise be drowned out by the noise made by more established players. And it’s about letting vendor focus their sales resources on opportunities that have already been qualified. It’s the perfect process for all involved.”

With the first users now joining the platform, Hello Supernova has ambitious plans for the future of B2B sales and marketing.

“Hello Supernova isn’t just about replacing flawed demand generation tactics,” said Neil Harper, Chief Marketing Officer of Hello Supernova, “our platform has been created to liberate creative and marketing professionals, allowing them to focus on the enjoyable aspects of their profession: Advertising, Brand, etc… We see time with Hello Supernova where the market no longer relies on multi-channel bombardment to generate leads, but instead just accesses qualified opportunities where the buyer is ready to listen.”

“What a relief too for the buyer not having to wade through 100s of emails each day in the hope of finding something of timely interest. I’ve been in this B2B Technology industry for 20 years, and with Hello Supernova we’re on the verge of much-needed change.”

Professionals from the technology and marketing sectors are now able to register as a user and access the platform for free at hellosupernova.com

About Hello Supernova

From pain point to personality: Hello Supernova – the B2B ‘opportunity platform’ changing the rules for how buyers and providers engage

Hello Supernova works to one simple vision: making the way B2B buyers and providers engage easier, more targeted, and more cost-efficient. The founders Jamie Kelly and Neil Harper have between them over 30 years of experience working for some of the world’s largest B2B tech brands. Together, they have witnessed first hand the wild inefficiencies and wasted effort connected to existing models. By radically re-imagine the way initial engagement occurs, and by also focusing on connecting personalities, the platform offers a far more practical and relevant way to start informed conversations.

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