Hetachain & T-Hub enter China “A revolutionary tech transformation eco-system by Relam Investment”

Honored by His Excellency Mayor, Zhang Hing Xing, Fuzhou Municipality, Jiangxi, Mr. Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah, Chairman and Managing Director of Relam Investment, Dubai and Mr. Zeng Yuexing, Director of Fuzhou High-Tech Industry Park has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding to Implement HETACHAIN and T-Hub at Fozhou High-Tech Park. The Signing Ceremony was held in Dubai at U-bora Towers, Business Bay.

The MOU will introduce HETACHAIN and T-Hub to various communities and organization in china and will be empowered to serve various sectors such as Culture, Tourism and Economics, Trade, Banking, AI, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Telecommunication, and other industries.

Through this partnership Relam Investment will allocate an office in China to boost the growth of HETACHAIN and T-Hub while also focusing on a dynamic investment method in various sectors Culture, Tourism and Economics, Trade and Industrial, Sports and Education, Real Estate and Commercial, Oil & Natural Gas, Healthcare, Technology and Energy, F&B Retail, Water and Agriculture, etc.; cater to different business opportunities and sectors.

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Relam Investment will develop a partnership model with the Fuzhou province to develop and enhance the skills of Chinese entrepreneurs on the field of Blockchain.

“China is a driver of future technologies and we will work with Chinese communities and under the support of the Chinese government to achieve a superior development in the field of
blockchain and trading through HETACHAIN and T- Hub empowered by our 3.0 Blockchain
technology platform .” Mr. Sultan Ali Lootah, Chairman and CEO of HETACHAIN said.


Hetachain is a 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology invested by Relam Investment LLC, an international investment company headquartered in Dubai. The Hetachain ecosystem consists of Hetacoin, Heta Wallets, smart contracts, Heta App Store and Blockchain feature-enablers that enhance its applicability and make it the most revolutionary technology in its class. HETACHAIN is incorporated in Cayman Islands with corporate, operations and technical teams based out of their offices in Cayman Islands.


About Relam Investment:

Relam Investment L.L.C was founded in 2018 through a partnership between Vault Investments L.L.C, a diversified investment company established in 2012, based in Dubai, and MIG Holdings, an investment group based in Vietnam, to take both companies exposure to wider investment opportunities and increase the scope of investments geographically through a diversified sector investment approach.

Relam now focuses on investments in Vietnam, U.A.E, India, United Kingdom, Turkey, Egypt along with big interest in growth in the Far East, South East Asia and the Americas.


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