Hey Music unveils free file transfer service for creative and media industries

Tech start-up company, Hey Music, has officially launched a free and premium file management service, making it easier to transfer large or multiple files in one go.

Named ‘Hey Ants’, the global service is a digital version of what ants can do – move things at speed whilst working together. Hey Ants offers a solid framework, enabling anyone to share their work via a secure platform, on the go, on any device.

Photographers, artists, musicians, designers, creatives, SMEs, corporates and the every day user can take advantage of Hey Ants to transfer multiple files (such as PDFs, photographs, videos and music) of up to 2GB, for free and without needing to register. The secure service offers users the option of sending a password protected email or URL link, as well as the ability to set a one hour, one day or seven-day file download period. Hey Ants users will also receive a notification of when the file was sent and when it has been downloaded by the recipient.

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Hey Ants users can also upgrade to the premium ‘Hey Ants Black’ service, which offers extras for US$9.99 per month, including a generous 100GB limit, added security with a password protection feature and customisable link expiry date to a 14-day download period. The service also offers the option to personalise profiles.

Hey Ants will be showcasing creative talent by offering full screen advertising opportunities. Darren Haynes, Marketing Director says “we want to support the creative community by providing free or competitively priced, efficient business tools that enable people to share their work but we want to look at something aesthetically pleasing too! We’re looking forward to receiving submissions from the creative communities”.

Hey Ants, both free and premium, are available on all desktop and mobile browsers and can be accessed via www.heyants.com

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