HighFashionExchange is now ready and will go to market in 2019, opening up for tech investors

HighFashionExchange; Singapore Based Fashion Tech Company has completed beta testing and is ready for launch in 2019. The news marks a momentous moment and triumphs for Jacob KH Choong, the founder and conceptualizer of High, ashionExchange.

Jacob KH Choong is a veteran in the Singapore Fashion Industry. He is hailed for bringing and introducing the first multi brand store; Glamourette in 1958. From his years of retailing in the Fashion Industry, he knew that the costs of mismatched stock or unavailability can add up to quite an expensive loss for retailers. This is also confirmed by industry experts such as Deloittes and the Nexus Group amounting to nearly $16.8 Billion of stocks remaining unsold after the end of a retail season.

HighFashionExchange is first of its kind in the B2B marketplace for fashion retailers. It’s innovative and transformative by providing retailers with another source of quality buyers and sellers, other than the conventional walk-ins and B2C e-commerce in the most efficient manner possible.

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High Fashion Exchange is setting its eyes to launch next year by actively participating and recruiting sign ups on its platforms through the various major fashion events in Milan, Paris, New york and Tokyo that will be happening throughout 2019.

Due to its unique, easy to use features and competitive advantages, High Fashion Exchange is expected to scale very quickly. At this early stage of growth the company is now opening, its doors for investors who wish to ride the fashion tech bandwagon in likes of the recent explosion of fashion technology companies in the startup and IPO arena.

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