Launches OpenVZ SSD VPS in LA, USA

  • (Hosteons Pte. Ltd.) is a Singapore based company with servers hosted in LA, USA. Unlike many other hosting providers Hosteons uses their own server/hardware and their own IP Space issues directly from APNIC which indicates that they know what they are doing and are an established company.

Hosteons has been very successful with their KVM SSD VPS so now they have even launched their OpenVZ 7 based VPS Hosting services. KVM and OpenVZ are two popular different kinds of virtualisation technology. KVM is like bare metal servers where users get full control of their VPS i.e. they can install their own custom kernel etc… and install any OS they want but OpenVZ is container virtualisation where the VPS shares the kernel of the main VPS Node and can only install Linux based VPS, whereas with KVM VPS users can install any OS they want to like Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, etc..

Hosteons VPS packages start as low as $3 per month both KVM as well as OpenVZ and both services are activated instantly and automatically upon payment. They provide IPv4 IP as well as a free /64 IPv6 IP for free with all their VPS Packages.

Hosteons VPS also comes with free DDOS Protection so you don’t need to worry about your site or VPS going down due to DDOS Attack.

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Hosteons uses SolusVM control panel for their VPS Hosting services which allow users to reinstall or reboot their VPS anytime they want, users can even manage RDNS (Reverse DNS or PTR Records) from their control panel, users can change their VPS Operating System just with a few clicks and for tech-savvy users they even have PXE enabled, they even offer a variety of ISO to install OS of their choice.

A little research also shows that they have earned a good name as all you will see are positive reviews about them, not a single negative review is available in google about them which is a very good sign.

Moreover hosteons accepts a variety of payment methods like:

1) Credit Card

2) PayPal

3) AliPay

4) BitCoin

5) Perfect Money

6) Web Money

7) Bank Transfer

Hosteons even offers many other hosting services like:

1) cPanel Web Hosting

2) Reseller Web Hosting (With WHM Access)

3) Domain Registration

4) Dedicated Servers

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