HotKettle Helps Businesses and Individuals Get Free Publicity by Facilitating Content to Journalists

HotKettle scans thousands of queries from bloggers, journalists and reporters to bring the relevant results to individuals and businesses that subscribe to its service. This gets individuals mentioned in articles, helps businesses build brand visibility and gets content to the writers before their project’s deadline is over.

Subscribers of HotKettle register the keywords which are relevant to their business or expertise. Usually, a company has around 20 relevant keywords while an individual’s interest revolves around 10. HotKettle scans millions of phrases every day from active queries and brings the filtered results to subscribers based on their keywords. According to Saquib Khan, Marketing Manager at HotKettle, "The key is to spread your keywords to make effective use of the service. The more the keywords, the better. For example, if you are an expert in herbal teas, then add keywords about every tea type, name of the tea, alternate names, its uses, what it cures, health benefits, etc. The average number of keywords by our active users is 12 and that is a good guideline to start with."

HotKettle sends email alerts emails to the subscriber’s inbox. By default, there is one alert a day, but it can be set to 3 per day for subscribers who are more active. The alert frequency can be reduced to once a week for those with less time on hand. Only the active queries for which the journalist’s deadline is not over are listed in an alert. Consequently, a subscriber who chooses to receive daily alerts will receive more queries than the one who opts for weekly alerts.

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Deadline is another important factor addressed by HotKettle. In addition to filtering queries based on relevant keywords, the alert sorts them based on the time remaining before the blogger’s deadline is over. A blogger’s request which has a deadline in the next 4 hours will be listed before then one which is due tomorrow. HotKettle factors in the time zone of the subscribers in the calculation of deadlines. For example, a blogger’s target of 12:00 noon tomorrow Eastern Standard Time, has different deadlines for subscribers in Los Angeles and Paris.

To use HotKettle, quick registration is required. Alternatively, it can be activated by logging in through Twitter account. You will need to enter at least one keyword for the filter to work. If no relevant queries are found, the alert is not sent.

Taj Mahal Honey is a heavy user of HotKettle. Abhinav Saxena, Brand Manager at Taj Mahal Honey shared: "We have added 24 keywords in HotKettle and have been receiving around 5 good queries each day to respond. It has made our life simpler as it was time-consuming to constantly scan the web for queries. HotKettle does that job for us now."

HotKettle is an India based privately held company, with employees in India and Singapore. HotKettle’s number of subscribers has reached 11,000.


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