I Buy Scrap Recycling – A Perfect Example of Highly Successful Scrap Metal Business

How a recycled metal industry can be made so successful can be aptly learned by learning the success story of I Buy Scrap. The company opened its door for recycled metal business in 2010 and since then the company has worked tirelessly to take the business to dizzy heights. It can be the role model of entrepreneurs looking to establish a footprint in the scrap metal business and looking for Where to Sell Scrap Metal.

Starting from the scratch, with a handful of employees and a set of two forklifts, a few metal collection bins, a floor scale, and a generator, the company is now expanding its activities rapidly. I Buy Scrap ( i-buy-scrap.com ) was founded by Trent Houg, with a hope to become the leading business in the recycled metal industry, and with a vision to serve the humanity by saving the environment. Now the company has all kinds of equipment and a pool of highly experienced staff that can handle any size of scrap metal or HVAC remediation job.

Recycled metal has a high potential for usage and it is cheaper than mining the virgin metal. It takes around 60% less energy to process the recycled materials and that can be a huge saving. The usage of metal scrap can be very huge and it has a huge requirement worldwide. Nearly 40% of the steel in the world is made from scrap metal and there is many more usage of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

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The company though locally owned has a strong presence in the global market and is engaged in both buying and selling scrap metals. I Buy Scrap offer most competitive prices for scrap metals as compared to its competitors and can be the most reliable buyer and seller for scrap metals. With a total experience of more than 50 years, the company can manage the recycling business in a very professional manner.

All types of scrap materials like the copper, brass, batteries, end of life HVAC systems, stainless steel, insulated wire, lead, and all other types of demolition scraps, etc are bought by the company. I Buy Scrap do what it says and you can be assured of dealing with the best industry professional that can provide you total satisfaction in all your dealings. The skilled and experienced professionals of the company can present themselves right at the spot fully equipped with the accessories required for handling the scrap.

What distinguishes the company from others in the markets is its focus on providing excellent customer service and its vast knowledge of Where to Sell Scrap Metal. It can ensure that the jobs will be carried out with utmost care when there is a deal with the customers. The company has also an excellent ability for providing proper transport of all kinds of scrap materials from the customer’s site. I Buy Scrap is also having a metal recycling unit that can sort out all the metals properly and can supply the sorted materials for the production of beautiful materials at cheap price. The commitment of the company can be found in its excellent and friendly services to the customers.

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