IAB Elects Pure Global Solutions’ Scott Yenglin as its Next Chairman

On June 13th, the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) for the National Science Foundation (NSF)Water and Environmental Technology (WET) Center, a NSF Industry and University Cooperative Center (I/UCRC), elected PureGlobal Solutions’ Managing Partner, Scott Yenglin, for its 2018-2019 position of President, following June’s annual board meeting.

Dr Patricia Underwood, the Deputy Director, Risk Assessment, The Office of the Secretary of Defense, AT&L, I&E, served as 2017-2018 Chairman of IAB, and Mr Yenglin assumed the office duties in December 2018.

During his first term in office, Mr Yenglin will be supporting the submission of a proposal to NSF for a new multi-university Center under the I/UCRC program. The new “Center for One Water” would continue and expand the current research thrust area. The new Center explores and develops new collaboration with the new Center’s IAB and the participating universities. The proposed Center for One Water universities includes Arizona State University, The University of Arizona, Temple University, University of California, Irvine, John Hopkins University and the University of Nevada, Reno.

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Mr. Scott Yenglin Chaired the IAB meeting of the current WET Center during the bi-annual meeting at ASU in December. The current WET Center is an NSF I/UCR Center with 3 partner universities including Temple University, Arizona State University the University of Arizona. The Center was established in 2009 and is in its second Phase. There are currently over thirty (30) industrial and government members of the WET Center.

The WET Center strives to create knowledge and technology products that will be utilized by industry and benefit the public. The Center’s core work deals with water reuse, drinking water and wastewater treatment, water for use in industrial manufacturing, source water protection, stormwater management, environmental studies, risk assessments, sustainability, analytical methods development, and real-time sensors for water quality monitoring and process control.

The academic and scientific communities have displayed tremendous interest in the testing and result for Pure Global solutions’formulations of toxic algae bloom fighting and post-harvest applications of PHP-37, a proprietary formula which is awaiting EPA approval. Mr. Yenglin is also working on important nontoxic food security formulation that research has shown to affect the oxidation of fruits and vegetables. Arizona State University’s WET Center Director, Dr. Morteza Abbaszadegan, stated “Scott Yenglin’s experience and contacts in private industry can only be a huge positive for the current and future Center’s program and members. Mr. Yenglin’ s years of management experience and knowledge in different business models would be a significant asset for future opportunities. This would be a major investment in our+ research and technology development in all areas of water treatment.

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