iMind Transformation goes global with the Business Transformation and the Millennium Age conference.

This November a new kind of conference brings together leading experts on the millennial and digital disruption from around the world to explore every aspect of what iMind calls the ‘Millennium Age’.

The first of its kind, the conference focusses on how to navigate the unprecedented socio-economic conditions shaping our world. In one event anyone, in any demographic, sector or industry can get real practical advice and knowledge that helps them navigate in a radically changing world.

Everyone in business today will benefit from the concepts and wisdom conveyed by the speakers in this conference, so ticket offers and prices are designed to provide the greatest accessibility and fullest participant learning experience.

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The aim of the conference is to bring a unifying perspective to the matter of business transformation that will leave participants feeling confident that their organization is not alone in facing transformation challenges, and that these same challenges are being felt and dealt with around the world.

Delivered in quintessentially Canadian fashion, the conference has a tone of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance, appealing to audiences in any size or nature of business. And, walking its own talk on moving gracefully into the ‘Millennium Age’, iMind is delivering the conference live 100% online using its own streaming platform. Private consultations with speakers are available, held in a video conference format.

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