Immigrant Leader Selected As Judge at The 2019 Stevie Awards

  • Tsvetta Kaleynska, a leading software consultant and motivational speaker in New York has been named as a judge at the 2019 Stevie Awards for Women In Business. In 2014, Kaleynska received a Silver Stevie Award in the category "Women Helping Women" for her work with Leadership Academy GLOW Bulgaria and empowering females on the Balkans. Tsvetta is a prominent public speaker in New York City on the topics of immigration, H1B visas, and technology, as a recent immigrant to the United States.

"It’s a great honor to serve as a judge at the Stevie Award for ‘Women in Business’. It is a testament to the strategic work Leadership Academy Girls Leading Our World and I have been providing to the global female communities, as well as the successful girls’ stories we’ve been able to inspire. I would like to thank my family at Leadership Academy GLOW and Peace Corps for their hard work and passion in continuing to change girls’ lives around the world, as well as to the organizers of the Stevie Awards" said Tsvetta Kaleynska who is a motivational speaker, author, and founder of RILA GLOBAL CONSULTING.

The Stevie Business Awards are among the world’s premier business awards initiatives. Both individuals and organizations worldwide are recognized by fellow industry leaders for their achievements, recognition, and impact on their communities.

About Tsvetta

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Tsvetta Kaleynska is a SaaS expert, motivational speaker, and author on the topics of A.I. and technology and their impact on international development and safety. She is the founder of RILA GLOBAL CONSULTING, a boutique consultancy in New York City. As a technology thought leader, Tsvetta’s work is regularly featured in top media outlets such as Ted X, Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines. In her free time, she is a TV correspondent for a national morning show in Bulgaria, where she uncovers global digital trends and introduces the viewers to innovation practices. As a recent immigrant to the United States, she is among the most recognized female empowerment faces for her international work with organizations such as the Peace Corps and the European Commission. She completed her education at Cornell University, the City University of New York at Baruch College and St. Francis College. Kaleynska is fluent in five languages.

About Leadership Academy GLOW

GLOW Association is a female-run and oriented non-profit with a mission to educate and empower Bulgarian girls, helping them fulfill their potential as future leaders. Girls Leading Our World Association aims to unleash the full potential of youngsters and develop them as future leaders, who are capable of making informed decisions and are active citizens in their local communities. GLOW Bulgaria’s unique approach to stimulating social awareness and personal improvement among young people truly makes a difference with over 700 alumnae who have graduated from the Leadership Academy.

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