InKozi App Gateway for Bail Bond Agents Sells Out

InKozi USA, LLC, is quickly becoming the premier location-based platform for on-demand Bail Bond Generals and Agents. The pre-launch of InKozi, Missouri began on September 1st and is already SOLD OUT.

Bail Bondsmen are worried about their livelihood. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union are trying to abolish the Bail Bonds Industry altogether. Their national political director Udi Ofer was quoted as saying, "we want to put an end to the for-profit bail industry in the US". Google is adding more uncertainty to the future of bail bonds by making it more difficult for bondsmen to market themselves, banning advertising across all platforms. The InKozi gateway serves a need for the Bail Bonds Industry, providing them an effective outlet to advertise their services.

Former Agent turned general, David Everingham has been gradually building up steam. Over the past three years Everingham has bought several generals out and this past week made another big move when he signed an exclusive rights deal with InKozi to be the Ruling General for both Missouri and Kansas. “It was a no-brainer and I am very excited,” said Everingham.

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“Everingham is now the Ruling General in Missouri and Kansas!” What does that mean, you might ask? Among other benefits, David’s primary umbrella company, Show Me Bail Bonds, will have first right of refusal on all Missouri and Kansas counties through the gateway. His exclusive licensing agreement entitles him to assign a minimum of one general or agent in every county for both states. Several other advantages that were not disclosed, will also apply.

What’s next? Over the next couple of weeks, and with the assistance of InKozi’s Customer Service Department, Everingham will be recruiting and placing his chosen agents across counties in his two states. Beginning this week, agents wishing to work with Mr. Everingham can put down a fully refundable deposit of $250.00 pre-registration. If accepted, new agents will be officially signed up in time for the official Nationwide Launch this coming January.

“I am excited to see where InKozi will go from here. It is difficult to brand a local business, but InKozi is making that possible,” Everingham said. “I love that they are building a community among Bail Bondsman and facilitating the unity we so desperately need to survive.”

David is referring to the other industry involvement of which InKozi and their Nationwide Licensee Bail Bonds Coast to Coast are a part. Among other things, InKozi and their partnerships are working on a charity to help non-violent detainees who cannot pay their bail get released on bond. As well as developing channels for the bondsman to network and reliably differ between states.

“Customized URLs and online optimization for bondsman are just the beginning,” says InKozi Founder Bert Seale. Example of a custom URL could read "best bail bonds in st louis". This is not the first time the Surety Industry has heard from InKozi and surely will not be the last.

About InKozi

InKozi is a non-referral location-based app and platform that makes hiring on-demand Bail Bondsman, Lawyers and Chiropractors easy. Ask any question for FREE and get advice in minutes. The founder, Bert Seale and his team, developed a platform and app that solves the challenge of finding the right lawyer, bail bond agent and chiropractors fast, especially in emotionally charged situations where simplicity is not only wanted but also needed. Inkozi also offers month-to-month hosting packages for lawyers, starting at $25.00 a month.

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