Innovative Denture Clinic Partners with Besurance Corporation to Offer Unique Denture Warranty

Vadim Dumbrava, founder and principal of Future Smiles Denture Clinic announced a partnership with Besure (a division of Besurance Corporation).

“Since the start of my career, my goal has been to develop the Denture Clinic of the future,” says Dumbrava. “By this I mean, opening up access to good, sustainable denture care for Seniors over the long term.

I cannot overstate the impact that good denture health has on overall wellness. Through hundreds of cases, we have seen the drastic improvement in quality of life, nutrition, vitality and general happiness in patients with the right appliance and a consistent maintenance protocol.

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Future Smiles ensures that every patient, whether they are new or have previously been treated elsewhere receive this level of care and attention.”

The Problem

According to exploratory research syndicated by Independent Marketing Firm StyleLabs Inc., it was determined that there was a gap in acceptable treatment standards due to insufficient coverage.

“Our studies demonstrated that underinsurance was a major roadblock in delivering the standard of care Future Smiles was trying to achieve. The majority of respondents interviewed indicated that they did not have sufficient coverage for ongoing care”, says Almin Kassamali, Chief Marketing Officer, Besurance Corporation.

The Solution

Leveraging the Besure platform, Future Smiles is now offering repair and replacement protection to both new patients at point of sale and existing patients through a retrofit program. “Patients from other clinics are always welcome to join our program”. says Dumbrava. “They simply come in and we bring their appliances up to our Future Smiles standard and they qualify for our Protected Denture program. I completely attribute the immediate success of this initiative to the Besure platform. It was easy to integrate and professionalize the program from day one. I am grateful to be the first Denturist to have access to this technology.”

Since the launch of the program, Future Smiles has onboarded nearly 100 patients and has improved close rates by over 25%.

“We are very excited about this initiative”, said Karim Lalani Managing Director, Besure. Besure is designed with the intent of helping small businesses, communities and groups sharing similar interests self-protect through sound actuarial methodologies and a simplified, self-administering platform. We hope that this case inspires other businesses to find creative solutions to opening up access to better standards within their respective industries.”

About Future Smiles

Established in 2014, Future Smiles is a best in breed Denture clinic that applies cutting-edge methodologies and treatments in a “patient first” environment. Future Smiles is owned and operated by Vadim Dumbrava and is currently launching the second of a ten clinic, Alberta-wide initiative. DENTURES by Future Smiles, located in Coral Springs, NE Calgary will be opening in Summer of 2018.

About Besure

Besure is an insuretech platform developed to facilitate self-insurance among communities. Besure is designed to attract users with common characteristics/objectives in self-regulated, “many-to-many” micro-communities ("pools") where members are able to contribute funds into a "virtual communal jar" and distribute the risk of loss or damage.

See our playbook here.

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