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Enthusiastic blogger Rui Carreira is all set with his new blogging venture, the one-stop destination for assorted readers with interest in fields ranging from entertainment to technology, TV, games and whatnot. This approach proves Carreira’s versatility and commitment to his passion and profession- blogging. He masters in blogging out of his comfort zone. He writes what he loves to write such as Virtual reality and Star Wars. He also blogs about very contradictory topics like Reality shows, spirituality, mysticism and the like. He is also researching on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology and will soon post blogs on these categories.

Today is steadily becoming the happening gala for readers with around more than 1000 visitors per day. Carreira’s well-researched posts or write-ups are one reason for Intageeked’s increasing engagement. He does not write just for the sake of his profession, but he owns every topic and presents it to the readers in the most interesting yet entertaining way.

Amongst his recent blogs, the one that has become the main reason for Intageeked’s demand is about Danielle Colby, one of the leading protagonists of the TV show American Pickers. In this blog, Rui Carreira redefines Danielle Colby more than only a character of the TV show and puts light into her various qualities and achievements.

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Carreira unveils 31 facts about Ms Colby, highlighting her different real-life roles, hobbies and more. What makes this blog fascinating is Carreira’s way of portraying Colby’s life right from the scratch. He has beautifully framed the blog that has enough substance to change people’s view about her. Colby has always attained recognition for her glamour and her reel life roles. In contrast, Rui Carreira highlights her multiple talents as a fashion designer, a burlesque dancer, an avid reader and more. Carreira also brings to light on her role as a great mother and a strong-headed independent woman. This blog is a must-read for all who admire Danielle Colby and want to have a closer look at her personal life. To read this blog click at

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