Intagent Offers Real Estate Web Design Solutions

Intagent is on a mission to make a difference for players in the real estate industry who are looking to take their businesses to greater heights. Based out of Michigan, the firm focuses on providing tech solutions to real estate professionals, who want to address the various needs of their clients.

In doing so, the company has contributed to multiple success stories, where they’ve been able to deliver reliable, advanced, and quality digital services. Intagent consistently provides industry-certified solutions with guaranteed unmatched customer care services. Additionally, with a team of real estate experts to back them up, the company can always be trusted to exceed customer expectations.

While talking about the real estate web solutions they cover, the company’s spokesperson said, “The real estate segment is a broad one, and we know this to be true. This is why over the years we have strived to cover as much ground as we can, with the understanding that different clients need different demands addressed. Typically, we offer a whole range of web design solutions, which include single property websites, real estate agent web design, real estate company web design, FSBO website design, social marketing assistance, email marketing, and much more. All these solutions are personalized to meet the requirements of a particular client, with no details left out.”

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Property web design is one of the areas that Intagent has managed to make an impressive name for itself. Bringing an extensive industry experience in the creation of property web designs, the company has been able to make a difference for its clientele. Their websites in this category present excellent ways for one to market their own listings individually with the least hassles. They come featuring local neighborhood information, local school details, mortgage calculators, fantastic slideshows, options to add music, and much more. The property websites are easy to run, and one can expect nothing short of excellence when they choose these websites.

Talking about their realtor web site design solutions, the company’s spokesperson added, “Any realtor that’s looking to showcase their prowess in the real estate industry has to go beyond the norm. Given the competitive nature of the real estate industry, traditional ways of marketing are proving to be ineffective, and realtors realize this to be true. With that said, Intagent seeks to provide realtors with web design solutions that will take them to the next level. Our web design solutions offer unique features needed to excel in today’s online world. We offer varying packages as it pertains to realtor web designs. And you can be sure you will find an option that meets your demands.”

When it comes to software, Intagent has been known to utilize the best realty website software. Given the ever-evolving nature of the technology used in websites, the firm understands the importance of staying in tandem with the current industry changes. Through the use of the latest software, Intagent is able to provide high-performance realty websites that proved to be effective for their clientele. With regular updates to their tech and approaches, clients are always assured of solutions that will enable them to achieve the results they want.

About Intagent

Intagent is a real estate tech company providing a variety of digital solutions to its range of clients. The company offers personalized, cost-effective real estate solutions and they always ensure success for their clients.

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2370 E Stadium Blvd, Suite 480
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
Tel: (800) 209-0740

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