Introducing Soothe & Main Retail Stores, Available for License

Soothe & Main is pleased to announce that their flagship store will be opening in the greater Boston area. Soothe & Main is an upscale destination for relaxation focused on health and wellness. Soothe & Main provides personalized wellness programs for all. Upon first entering the store, one is directed to a digital station where they may opt to answer a series of questions in order to receive recommendations on the most effective natural products and healthcare modalities suited specifically for them. Personalized healthcare starts here.

Soothe & Main offers the highest quality CBD products along with multiple cryotherapy devices and other health equipment that can be used in-store. In addition to the same full-body cryotherapy chamber Tony Robbins has in his personal home, Soothe & Main also offers localized cryotherapy and cryo thermal-shock devices. In addition, Infrared sauna devices, zero gravity chairs, dry float beds, and pneumatic leg recovery sets are also available for customer use.

In the educational lounge, a sampling of these modalities will be available for all to use on an “as available” basis, with no charge ever. Each Sooth and Main location also designate one dry float bed available for anyone to use, at any time, “as available,” because we believe that everyone needs a little time out, and the restorative effects of the zero-gravity experience provide something that every busy American so desperately needs. Soothe & Main has an unmatched customer experience and an atmosphere, unlike any other retailer.

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For more information on Soothe & Main and its mission contact [email protected]. If you are interested in becoming a licensee visit our website at to learn about the opportunities for working with us!

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