Introducing the world’s first smart window shutter – and they’re very clever

British startup Elizabeth Henley® Ltd have designed and developed the worlds first smart window shutter, the patented design has built-in microprocessor technology with a unique and innovative security lighting feature.

As smart-tilt® window shutters close automatically at dusk the built-in concealed light switches on, giving mood lighting in the room, from outside the house the property looks occupied. Elizabeth Henley has added an app on your smartphone to further adjust the shutters. A license agreement has been signed with Apple® to implement there home kit technology in the shutters, the first window shutter company to use Apple® technology.

Elizabeth Henley® Ltd will be launching a crowdfunding campaign with crowdcube in July.

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Interest has come from all over the world, in Australia and the middle east to close the shutters during the day to cool the house in summer, but the overwhelming response has been in favour of the security light feature when the shutters close in the evening.

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