Invences Global Solutions Pvt Ltd Releases OKGuest QR based Conceirge for guest’s at Hotels

Customer now has learned to leverage technology which is mobile applications. Almost every one of your guests is carrying a smartphone or tablet. Research says 93% of the guest coming to hotels own a smartphone. 75% of guests feel technology should be used by hotels and 53% of the guests prefer a hotel which offers a mobile app to enhance the guest experience.

OkGuest is World’s First QR Code based concierge System for users at Restaurant’s & Hotels & Movie Theaters. OkGuest is a personal assistant for users or guests at hotels, restaurants & movie theaters. This mobile application helps businesses help increase operational efficiency & gives the guest another reason to visit your place again. Primarily focuses on increasing the guest experiences at hotels.

It gives them access to all of the hotel, restaurant & movie theater services on their Smartphone.

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  • Download the App from the store
  • Scan the QR code and browse the menu
  • Explore hourly deals when you are inside your favorite hotel or restaurant
  • Request or Report services or issues, place orders and much more
  • Get cash backs
  • Place the Order

Below are the few examples of how Okguest can be used at the hotels.

  • Reservations for dinner at resort restaurants
  • Front Desk Call
  • Request Late Checkout
  • Report issues like washrooms are not clean, AC is not cooling
  • Request for Towels, change linen
  • Booking massages, spa appointments, etc.
  • Laundry, dry cleaning, and other upgrade services
  • Request car from valet
  • Order room service
  • Check-in and check out
  • Ordering drinks, towels, etc.
  • Pay for accommodations and services

Track your Order or Request: You don’t have to call the operator to check your request or report status. Once you place the order or report an issue you can track it all in the application.

Some people have the concern of eliminating face-to-face interaction with staff with implementation of Okguest– but 53% of guests prefer to deal with devices and technology rather than a people.

The very important crucial element of leveraging Okguest at Hotels is the way loyalty program is designed and also it reduces the other expenses of the hotel.

Sending relevant text messages and push notifications based on guest profile, and behavior and past history, Hotels can make insightful decisions on the customers. Also to increase revenue Hotels can add promotional offers, instant deals, and other aspects to build better revenues.

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