IoTamy becomes Australian gateway to China manufacturing

n gateway to China manufacturing


Brisbane, Nov 29, 2018 ( – IoTamy has been appointed as exclusive Australian Partner for Titoma Design & Manufacturing. Titoma Designs and Delivers world-class electronic devices optimized specifically for manufacturing in China or Taiwan.

The new partnership offers Australian companies a direct gateway for design and manufacture of world-class products without having to send their key technical resources into China.

Henry Valk CEO, IoTamy, "I have seen a lot of IOT projects stall when the realities of manufacturing cost and complexity sinks in. The best thing about partnering with Titoma is that they manage the process for you, optimize your prototype for volume manufacturing, have access to the world most sophisticated supply chain and all the additional benefits you get from their extensive experience in speeding up manufacturing while still achieving the lowest possible unit cost.”

Case Engelen, CEO of Titoma, says: "Digital Transformation projects require a lot of discussion with many different stakeholders. This is why you need a local Partner like IoTamy to manage the process from Concept to Commercialisation. We’re very lucky to be partnering with IoTamy who have the experience and expertise to ensure your products are successful in a global market”

About IoTamy

IoTamy specializes in the design and integration of IoT connected devices utilising leading-edge technologies to solve real-world problems.

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About Titoma

Titoma Design & Manufacturing-China is one of Asia’s premier electronic product development firms, headquartered in Taiwan. Since 2001 we design & manufacture in very close cooperation with our vendors in China and Taiwan, ensuring reliability, lowest unit cost and fastest time to market.

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