iPEL, Inc. Announces the Filing of Patent Infringement Lawsuits Against AsusTek In China

iPEL, Inc. today announced the filing of ten patent infringement lawsuits in the People’s Republic of China, in the specialized Intellectual Property courts and tribunals of Beijing, Nanjing, and Xi’an, against AsusTek Computer Inc., a Taiwanese company that manufactures computers and communications devices.

iPEL approached Asus several months ago to begin an amicable dialogue about the possibility of Asus purchasing a license under iPEL’s haggle-free, no-fault licensing program, the terms of which are publicly defined on iPEL’s website at www.ipel.com. iPEL provided Asus with evidence showing that dozens of iPEL’s Chinese patents are being infringed by most of Asus’ commercially available products, including mobile devices, personal computers, tablets, and advanced networking devices.

Asus engaged in a pattern of stalling and obstruction, and refused to engage in a substantive discussion about its infringement of iPEL’s patents. This refusal by Asus forced iPEL to rely on the Chinese Courts for protection of its patent rights. iPEL will seek maximum monetary damages and permanent injunctions that would stop Asus from selling its infringing products in China and, equally important, from exporting the infringing products that it manufactures in China.

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iPEL trusts that justice will be achieved through the Chinese patent system and its specialized courts, as China has created the most efficient patent system in the world.

As an Ethical NPE™, iPEL will only file patent infringement lawsuits against companies that reject our offer to have an amicable discussion about purchasing one of our haggle-free, no-fault licenses. For more information, we invite companies to visit our website at www.ipel.com and to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement, after which iPEL will provide a list of its complete patent portfolio.

About iPEL Inc.

iPEL, Inc. was formed in May 2017 by Brian Yates and Rasheed McWilliams as the world’s first Ethical NPE™. Within its first year, iPEL raised $100 million in capital and acquired more than 1,000 distinct patent families, covering many of today’s most innovative products and services in key markets, such as the United States and the People’s Republic of China. iPEL lives by its motto, “Innovative Patents Ethical Licensing.”


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