JoJo Tanks moves from water storage to water filtration

Over the past 40 years, JoJo Tanks has established the reputation of innovating water storage solutions, so it is with great pride that we introduce the new water filter range.

The range has a unique disruptor filter technology which uses a process of electro-adsorption (not an error), which creates an electrical field activated by water. The process attracts and removes more contaminants than any other filter on the market such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and trace pharmaceuticals – to name but a few.

This new product range offers the most advanced filtration technology available on the local market and uses filters which are made from recyclable materials. Added to which, the long-lasting refill cartridges are easy to replace and ensure zero water wastage during the filtration process.

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These water filtration products are available at Build It, Builders Warehouse, P&L, Kaap Agri, OVK, GWK, Coastal Farmers or Mica retail outlets.

Catch JoJo’s very own filtration expert, who will guide you through this innovative technology:

JoJo – for water, for life – your trusted water solutions brand.

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