Just compensation and benefits for all media workers sought

KABAYAN Party-list
Chair, Committee on Public Information
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Just compensation and benefits for all media workers sought


"When PTV livestreams the promulgation of the court decision on the Maguindanao massacre trial, the KABAYAN Party-list will share the same livestream on its official Facebook page. I will also share it on my Facebook accounts, pages, and other social media presence," said KABAYAN Rep. Ron P. Salo, chairman of the House committee on public information.

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"To support press freedom, I will soon petition the Supreme Court for the issuance of en banc resolution or an administrative memorandum or a circular about media coverage of trials nationwide, so that community journalists can have access to the courts under reasonable rules to be issued either by the Supreme Court itself or by the Office of the Court Administrator," the ranking lawmaker said.

Salo said, "the court coverage on December 19 would be the benchmark for future media coverage of court cases."

He noted that the day before that highly-anticipated court coverage, the House committee on public information is scheduled to have its organizational meeting on December 18.

"Considering that no less than the Supreme Court issued an en banc resolution on media coverage of the Maguindanao massacre trial’s decision promulgation, I will encourage the entire committee to watch the live coverage so that we can, not just watch history unfold, but also keenly observe the conduct of the media coverage," Salo said.

"This particular court coverage is imbued with profound public information and press freedom issues. The committee must see how it is conducted and watch it in aid of legislation," the KABAYAN solon said.

Salo pointed out that among those pending in his committee are 16 bills on the public’s right to information, 15 bills on regulating social media, and three bills specifically on fake news.

The congressman recalled President Rodrigo Duterte and Congress’ support to press freedom when Republic Act 11458 was passed into law which expanded the coverage of the journalists’ shield law on to broadcast and electronic media.

"To address the plight of workers in the news media, I see the need for a just minimum wage and basic benefits for photojournalists, correspondents, reporters, contributors, writers, and their colleagues. I believe a just minimum wage for the news media will help protect them from sectors and personalities who seek to corrupt them," said Salo, vice chairman of the House committee on human rights.

"As the Maguindanao massacre proves, the news media encounter dangers and high risks in their daily work. Reporters and broadcasters are particularly vulnerable to life-threatening situations. They must have ample protections in our laws," the KABAYAN solon also said. (END)

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