Kaltra announces a new, broad screw chiller range

With different screw compressors, inverter-driven and fixed-speed, Kaltra launched its widest chiller lineup which includes R134a and R1234ze models, 160 in total. Units with R513a refrigerant are available by request. New Lightstream Screw V chillers cover all applications in the capacity range from 200 to 3600kW. In addition to process cooling and air conditioning tasks, the new screw chillers are addressed for mission-critical applications where the reliability and precise temperature control are the crucial factors.

A rich base configuration of the Lightstream Screw V chillers enables tailoring the cooling solutions to any specific customer needs. Options include an advanced free cooling system which allows massive energy savings around the year, heat recovery circuit available for all models, flooded evaporators, and many more.

Refrigerant circuits of the Lightstream Screw V chillers have been designed from the ground up with the use of advanced techniques and CFD simulations, thus enabling the cutting-edge energy efficiency of up to 3.42, based on 7/12°C water temperatures and 35°C ambient.

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The new range has been designed in full compliance with stringent Ecodesign requirements. A reduced environmental impact has been achieved through the use of R1234ze and R513a refrigerants and improved energy efficiency of the Lightstream Screw V chillers. During the design phase, particular attention has been paid to material optimization resulted in reducing the end-price by about 20% compared to competing systems.

Starting from this week, Lightstream Screw V chillers are available for immediate orders. Standard warranty for Lightstream Screw V chillers is set for two years, with possible extension for three more years.

Kaltra is known for its innovative cooling products, including highly efficient chillers, dry coolers and condensers, evaporative cooling solutions, precision air conditioners, and microchannel heat exchangers. All Kaltra products are engineered with the clear objective of improving the energy efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership. From the professionalism of our research and development engineers to the deep experience of the service team, we are dedicated to delivering the best air conditioning and refrigeration solutions to our clients.

For more information on Kaltra and its products call +49 911 715-32021 or visit www.kaltra.de

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