Kids should be trained to go on social media

Lienion, an Indian-Belgian start-up, launches a free social media training program for schools to train kids on how to use social media. This training program is 100% free and includes access to a real social network environment. For teachers Lienion provides several lessons plans, so they can start immediately with training the kids.

Charitha C, Product Marketing Manager of Lienion explains: ‘Social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are all around these days. They unlock an amazing world of opportunities, but they also create some challenges. Many parents and teachers see their kids go unprepared on social media.

Parents ask questions like: ‘How will my kid behave on social media?’ or ‘How will my kid know what to share and what not to share?’ or ‘How will my kid understand the possible impact on his/her privacy?’ or ‘Will my kid share pictures and messages he/she should not share?’ …

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To tackle these worries, some parents decide to deny their kids access to social media. But denying access is simply postponing it. One day kids will start using social media. Instead of denying access we at Lienion are convinced that it is better to train, prepare and guide kids to go on social media. Just like we train and guide them to participate in traffic. And that’s why we have launched the free Lienion social media training program for schools.’

About the free training program for schools

The Lienion social media training program includes free access for the kids, teachers, and parents to a real social network environment, where the kids can be trained, prepared and guided on the use of social media. Only the kids, their teacher, and their parents have access to their social network. This way the kids can really try out the power of social media, guided by their teacher and parents. The teachers can use several lessons plans, specially made for training the kids.

Interested schools and teachers can contact Lienion via LSMTP-for-schools. Each participating school will be personally guided and supported in starting with the training program.

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About Lienion

Lienion is an Indian-Belgian start-up with offices in Bangalore (India) and Antwerp (Belgium-Europe). Lienion provides easy to use cloud-based software apps to companies to make their operations more ‘lean’ like Shoution (a company social network app), Todosion (a todo and task management app), Releasion (a project management app), Sequencion (an app to standardize and manage company processes and repetitive tasks), Tempion (a timesheet management and holiday request processing app) and Testcasion (an app to manage test cases).

Each Lienion app can be used independently, but interconnect two or more Lienion apps and you step into an exciting and lean world of focus, efficiency increase, transparency, business control and value creation.

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Lienion press contact India

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