KloveChef Personalizes the Connected Kitchen with Custom Recipe Capture and White Label Solution

At today’s Smart Kitchen Summit, cooking platform innovator KloveChef announces the launch of their Recipe Box feature for capturing consumer recipes and a white label solution for brand partners to integrate cook-along cross-platform conversational experiences.

From preserving treasured family favorites to enjoying celebrity chef creations through connected kitchen devices, these features transform the connected cooking experience to one of learning and knowledge transfer.

“We noticed people are looking to save and share their own recipes as much as searching for something to cook,” says CEO Bahubali Shété. “That’s why we created Recipe Box to capture everything in an interactive conversational experience and saves it for you to bring up later or share with others.”

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The Recipe Box feature launches as a chat and web experience first with plans for voice capture to follow soon after. Each captured recipe is then accessible and speakable through KloveChef’s voice-guided cooking assistant on Alexa and Google.

“We are trying to do things as naturally as it can be and leveraging technology to do that,” Shété explains. “For example, the Recipe Box is built in a way where you are telling someone how to cook a dish and that person is noting it down and can be saved for later use. It’s more natural than writing it down with a cognitive load of having to think about how to structure and write the recipe. We do all of that construction for you.”

The other big announcement from KloveChef was the launch of a white label solution for smart kitchen appliance manufacturers to deliver chatbot and smart speaker voice solutions for cook-along experiences with connected cooking devices. The innovative solution is being introduced with the backing of new partner Wonderchef, with its suite of kitchenware crafted by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Wonderchef joins KloveChef’s growing list of strategic partners:

  • Terra’s Kitchen – The quickest, easiest, healthiest fresh food delivery service that sends washed, measured and chopped ingredients to make meals in 15-30 minutes and fully prepped breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

  • Might Be Vegan – For the vegan-curious individual who is looking for support in meal-planning and in-home meal prep.

  • Cali’Flour Foods – Unique grain free products that actually satisfy your cravings so you can maintain your healthy lifestyle!

  • Weekly Tasting – A wine tasting experience delivered to your door! Our industry experts curate each wine and partner them to a delicious recipe and guided tasting video. Perfect for taking any occasion to the next level.

  • Dress It Up Dressing – wants to change the way you dress (your salad). We believe salad dressing should be as healthy and nutritious as the veggies it adorns.

  • Uplift Food – The world’s first functional food brand focused exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of gut-healthy prebiotics.

  • Wonderchef – The finest Cookware & Appliances brand, especially crafted by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Every product of Wonderchef helps you to cook healthy and tasty food. Wonderchef Products are available at over 5000 outlets across India.

  • Yolélé Foods – A revolutionary African food brand introducing the world to fonio: a gluten-free ancient grain that is great for you, others, and the planet.

KloveChef brings brands and consumers together to create a cook-along cross-platform conversational experience, complete with context-specific voice-interactive marketing and the convenience of voice shopping right from your kitchen. It’s like speaking with your own co-chef!

Bahubali Shété

Founder & CEO

+1 (917) 565-5119


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