LFGdating’s New Apps for iOS and Android Help Single Gamers Find Love

While dating apps have never been more popular worldwide, they can also be intimidating social minefields, especially for geeks and gamers who simply want to find connections without feeling embarrassment or shame for their love of gaming. And yet, in today’s ultra-connected world, one in four relationships now begins online or via a dating app. So what’s a lonely gamer to do? Luckily, there’s LFGdating, the dating site for gamers, which is celebrating its launch of brand-new apps for both iOS and Android.

Whether users are looking to meet a single gamer to join them on a casual run through Azeroth, to tear through a few hours in Dungeon Fighter or Fortnite, or for long-term romance and that perfect person to share those warm and cosy console gaming sessions in front of the TV, LFGdating is the perfect solution. While it’s the #1 gamer dating site on the planet, currently helping over 50,000 registered members to find love with the perfect gamer; it’s also a social network offering a safe space for gamers to build friendships and relationships without pressure.

Launched by Casey Tebo and Patrick Rafferty of Glass Boot Ventures LLC, LFGdating was created to provide a tasteful, yet elegant online dating service for the mature gamer (aged 18 and up) that would be stereotype-free while offering an easy and enjoyable way to connect. The new LFGdating app for iOS is available on the App Store, while the new Android app is available on Google Play.

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"We’re delighted to announce our new apps at LFGdating," comments LFGdating Co-Founder Casey Tebo. "We’ve put a lot of care and thought into them so that they’re as simple, friendly, and easy to use as possible, and just like our website, the LFGdating app will be completely free for users to download and install. The apps will offer users all the functionality they’ve already enjoyed over the years here at LFGdating.com, which means that no matter what device is in your pocket, you’ll be able to experience the #1 gamer dating service in the world wherever you go!"

Premium Services

LFGdating is free to try, but it also offers some additional features for premium members that help users to make the most of their connections. With most premium dating apps costing $30 or $40 per month, LFGdating’s fees are modest at a fraction of the cost, and scaled so that users can try for a month (at $5, around the cost of a premium latte), for three months ($10), six months ($20) or pay for a lifetime subscription for just $50.

About LFGdating

Named for the classic "looking for group" designation from the world of MMORPGs, LFGDating is an online dating service focused on bringing romance, connection and meaningful interaction to gamers of all types and genders. It’s the best place on the web for meeting gamers and operates on a matching algorithm that encompasses gaming habits and preferences, as well as lifestyle, physical attributes, and general awesomeness. Tailored to meet the needs of each member, LFGdating is easy to use and hard to ignore. LFGdating is also accessible on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @LFGdating.

To discuss their exciting new LFGdating apps, Patrick Rafferty and Casey Tebo are currently available for interviews and media appearances — please contact Angela Mitchell for more information, at (904) 982-8043 or news [at] paranoidpr [dot] com.

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