LHGI Intends to Acquire a Green Energy Startup that Able to Cut Up to 30% of Electricity Consumption

The new Startup is using a patented Nano Technology that will enhance Energy Efficiency (EE) to help cut down on electricity consumption in any major building that runs 24/7 anywhere in the world.

The world uses a lot of energy, estimated to amount to over 1.3 quadrillion British Thermal Units (BTUs) or about 1.4 million terajoules per day from all sources. In the U.S. alone, energy costs run about $1 trillion per year, almost 10% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Today, most energy comes from fossil fuels: crude oil, coal, and natural gas. Fossil fuels are refined into gasoline, diesel, or other fuels, or converted into other forms of energy such as electricity, which in turn power motors, lights, furnaces, air conditioners, vehicles, and manufacturing equipment.

The world is rushing to adopt renewables and by 2050, we should see 50% of world energy demand will be met by renewable energy, mainly solar and wind.

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However, will it be soon enough?

Climate Analytics announced that the global mean warming had reached 1° Celsius above pre-industrial for the first time. It is a signal from the climate system that time is running out if we are to be able to reduce emissions fast enough so as to hold warming below 2°C and ultimately below 1.5°C by 2100.

Danny Lim, the CEO of LHGI, commented: “There is an urgent need to maintain the CO2 emission and cope with global warming as renewables replace fossil burning. The best way is to reduce consumption. However, that is easier said than done. Energy production is rising every year to cope with demand as cities get bigger and the population continues to grow. We must solve that energy demand. The only way is to eliminate wastages. We estimated there are at least 10% to 30% of electricity wastage in every building and household. We have a solution to cut everyone’s electrical bill by 20% to 30%, without massive change of equipment, installation, and appliances.”

Renewable Energy does offer the world an exit to reduce burning fossil fuel but it consumes a lot of power in its production, transportation, and installation. If there is a way to cut down wastages on electricity consumption, that may help to stunt the climate warming process. If this new startup really works and provided it will be able to quickly deploy and be used worldwide, the world may stand a chance to fight global warming and hold on its CO2 emissions as the renewables ramp up its deployment.

In a way, wouldn’t this startup be like a CO2 disruptor?

“In a way, it is a CO2 Disruptor!”, Danny exclaimed. “If we can raise the first $2 million fast, we will possibly be able to multiply it 10 times every year. Deployment is magically simple and fast. We will change their business model to accelerate adoption by building owners, especially hospitals, hotels, airports, and data centers that operate 24 hours. We will install it for FREE and collect their 20% savings instead of over a period of 3 to 5 years. That is how confident we are in this product. Imagine, the US alone spends $1 trillion a year in energy consumption. Not to mention we have the world to cover. By 2035, we hope to be able to reach every major building and every electricity guzzlers in the world. That is only the beginning. Next will be the millions of households.”

Indeed, if this “magical” product is truly able to save electricity consumption by 20%, it would be a CO2 disruptor. We’ll have to wait for the product to be deployed and prove itself.

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