Local Currency; AFRO Dollar.Money America’s Real-Time Digital Currency Going “LIVE”, DOW 30,000+

The AFRO (American Freedom Resources Opportunity) Dollar is Currently Signing-up Businesses on its new AFRO Community Payments and Financial Services Platform. In the next 90 days, the AFRO Dollar will be America’s most popular Digital Currency. AFRO Dollar. The money will be America’s First REAL-TIME Payment Architecture for consumers, businesses, residents, churches, non-profit organizations and government.

AFRO Dollar has created a "Full Wealth Stack" providing mobile banking, payments, mortgages, personal and small business lending and charitable community giving on its platform. AFRO Dollar expects to generate a minimum of $20 Billion in small business loans and home mortgages in the next 36 months. AFRO expects the Dow to increase past 30,000.

The AFRO platform is designed to provide everyone in the community access to financial services, the banked and unbanked. AFRO Dollar (Social Enterprise FINTECH company) designs "Disruptive" financial products vs. "Innovative" products designed by banks.

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AFRO Dollar’s original purpose is to transform distressed low-moderate income African American communities in 20 states, 42 markets, however, the reach will broaden because of the continued destruction of the middle-class in the US. The AFRO will be available in all US States, Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada. Next year, the AFRO will be available in major cities in Europe, Africa and Asia.

"Home-ownership is a Right", on the AFRO platform, therefore, everyone is approved to purchase a home based on their ability to pay, not a credit score. Another Disruptive is "Borrowers Foreclosure Insurance" (BFI), it protects the homeowner from foreclosure and the lender/investor, a win-win.

"Student loan debt is frozen", once a person buys a house on the platform. Another Disruptive product is "Christian" Mortgages called "Alpha/Omega", with no monthly mortgage payments on the first & last months of the year. AFRO is creating a 0% interest rate "Christian" Mortgage, another financial disruptive.

We expect housing purchases to increase tremendously on our platform, minority home-ownership has dropped low as 38% since the 2008 crises, white home-ownership is 75%. The problem was Black and Hispanic had a high percentage of their wealth (71%) tied to their home-ownership, for Whites (46%), because they have other investments to offset the drop in home wealth. Our goal is to increase current low minority home-ownership rates back to normal (65%) and provide others with refinancing to lower rates on our platform.

The AFRO Dollar Model, is a "Saving" & Community Velocity model, as opposed to the current Federal Reserve & Government, "Debt" model.

The AFRO Digital Cash promotes a SHOP LOCAL and the POWER OF CHOICE money campaign because shopping online does not create the abundance of local jobs. When you shop with local businesses, your money is re-circulated over and over and creates up to 75% more tax revenue to the community. Independent businesses raise the standard of living in your community because they take their profits and buy products and services from other local businesses, thus creating more tax revenues and jobs needed for the community to thrive.

Mr Price explains "Each time the consumer spends their AFRO Dollars on purchases, Rewards Dollars are added to their personal Mobile Cash account and Loyalty Dollars are added to the local Community Fund”. The Community Fund provides payroll assistance to local businesses to defray cost of hiring the unemployed, and help non-profit organizations fulfil their mission in the community. The consumers and stakeholders may spend the additional Reward Dollars at the same merchant store or with other businesses on the platform.

Because the rewards, loyalty, and discount coupons are loaded and applied automatically, the AFRO Digital Cash becomes Super-Money, in most cases, $200 cash-spends like $250 dollars when money is loaded in their AFRO Dollar Mobile account. When shopping locally, their dollars stretch, because there is more money in their pocket therefore spending and savings increase in the community.

"Once on the platform, we created a Full Wealth Stack" stated, Derric Price, creator of the Original AFRO Dollar as a Local Currency that started the Local Currency movement in the United States. The original AFRO paper currency was approved by the US Government. Each original AFRO Dollar was backed by a US Dollar, so will the AFRO Digital Money. "We chose not to develop a crypto-Bitcoin because Bitcoins are not backed by government money, they’re more of a commodity and also because AFRO transactions are Private vs Bitcoin transactions are Public and anonymous" stated Mr Price. The AFRO is based on the real-time protocol that eventually the Federal Reserve Bank will adopt, possibly later this year. Europe has already implemented real-time payment protocols.

The Full Wealth Stack allows members to receive mortgages, personal loans, small business loans, pay bills, personal investments, and charitable giving. Once enrolled a member can sign-up for the Debt Jubilee account. AFRO will transform the Middle- Class America, so if you make less then $180,000, you will need an AFRO Dollar account.

“The platform home finance management system pays your bills when you run short on cash. It’s designed to provide the everyday working man/woman, with financial tools of the wealthy and more. Most of us still live paycheck to paycheck or have modest saving. Once enrolled, the system is designed to give you breathing room by providing additional cash to accounts to meet the financial need”, according to Mr Price.

The AFRO Dollar is a hard liquid complementary US currency, to oppose the globalist’s attempts to weaken the US Dollar. The AFRO Dollar can convert into major currencies for cross country payments and money transfers.

"This process is part of a larger Community Digital Financial Economic Analysis Platform (AFRO Platform), where services for residents and neighbourhoods are provided by having one contact/provider for home mortgages, auto lending, banking services, small business and start-up lending, investments and charitable outreach. The AFRO Platform was developed by the African American Community Trust and the AFRO Dollar Group”, stated Mr Price, where he designs and creates community economic solutions, transformations, and disruptive financial products.

"Business and Non-Profits can sign-up to accept AFRO Dollars, it takes 2-minutes, on the AFRODollar(dot)money website. Consumers will able to receive their initial AFRO Dollar cards from the local business merchants or non-profit organizations to activate/open their account online or their mobile phone" stated Mr Price. The mobile phone will become your Wealth Device and Financial platform access.

The Company is selling its stock in an initial public offering, IPO. The Company will allow members to buy their stock prior to the public offering. Members can Reserve shares for no charge, on the website, and purchase shares later after the offering’s final review.

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