Lumturo Connect – Never Lose a Customer Again.

Got smart, connected devices around you? Have they been recently serviced? Did you have trouble putting through a request for a periodic maintenance appointment? Better get Lumturo Connect installed immediately.

With smart technology products, including internet of things (IoT) devices, penetrating homes and offices, consumers are looking for more relevant experiences that are monitored, personalized, and continuously improved and updated with new features.

Connected smart home technology is providing an opportunity for manufacturers of products, ranging from small utilities like smart speakers to complex appliances like washing machines, and uninterrupted power supply to deliver consumer experiences that are differentiated with newer functionality and connectivity.

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These products aren’t operating in isolation – they’re part of huge interconnected systems of different service providers, warranties and customer service touch points, which can sometimes be unpredictable and represent a very complicated technical headache for the end user.

“The cross-brand integration required presents both a huge challenge and a significant opportunity for companies in the IoT business”, writes Paul Weichselbaum, an IoT thought leader, in a Harvard Business Review post. The scope of tech support moves beyond the purview of individual manufacturers, retailers, telcos, and internet service providers’ products and services. Customer service and tech support have progressed into a more continuous service experience within the connected environment that delivers on consumer expectations while adding customer value to drive loyalty.

Household items like washing machines and lights are nowadays being programmed to perform simple tasks via IoT devices. Smart thermostats, for instance, monitor the ambient weather and switch on the room heater when the user is on the way home on an unexpectedly cold night.

Imagine now a user faced with the frustration of a delay in installation or equipment breakdown. They have to run the gamut of a whole host of tedious activities starting with a service request call to the service centre and continuing with chat sessions, text messages and phone calls with support staff, and a couple of self-help searches. Add to that subsequent reminders and they may still not get a response.

This is where Lumturo Connect enters the scene. It assists users by making a simple, one-touch service request. By merely clicking on a button on the equipment, a hassle-free service request to the closest service centre is put through, using an independent IoT button technology. Alternatively, the NFC (near field communication) or the QR code can be scanned for registering periodic maintenance or product failure requests. Following this, real-time notifications on the status of their service requests are made available.

Lumturo offers value by improving response quality and time in customer service. It thereby increases customer satisfaction and can lead to repeat purchases of your products. It also trims call centre overheads. The innovative Lumturo Connect button in effect disrupts the call centre market, as this cost-effective, future-oriented approach simplifies service call logging.

At the time of product installation, the service engineer activates the Lumturo Connect IoT button or tag by filling in the necessary product and customer related details. The Lumturo Connect technology is absolutely non-intrusive as it uses IoT button, QR code scanning, and NFC (near-field communication) tag without the requirement for downloading an app. This boosts the relationship with customers while helping you grow service revenue by gaining share from the unauthorized service provider. The solution also registers warranty and AMC details seamlessly.

Lumturo Connect also offers a unique and intuitive customized dashboard that encourage businesses to create and manage their buttons/tags. While viewing key performance indicators (KPIs), users get a real-time view of the service delivery progress, with the ability to integrate with third-party business intelligence tools.

The solution provides you with increased service adherence by easing the process of placing a service request, enhancing customer stickiness, and periodically notifying customers of important dates like warranty expiry.

Lumturo Connect also engages with customers to enable you to provide personalized offers such as the cross-selling and upselling of your allied products. It may even help you push newer product categories to create market awareness.

Predictive service utilizes data from IoT connected devices to predict when a problem might occur with equipment, but it requires a lot of component-specific software and even sensors to be installed.

The combination of predictive maintenance and IoT is hence not very cost-effective, reliable and practical for deployment in consumer appliances in India and other cost-sensitive emerging markets. It depends too heavily on expensive and continuous connectivity and may require repeated equipment resets. Mass adoption of predictive maintenance of consumer appliances is at least a decade away, according to estimates.

This solution from Lumturo automates the post-sales customer service process without getting your business into the minefield of preventive maintenance, making it a very appropriate technology in consumer goods, automotive, consumer services and consumer electronics sectors.

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