LyvEdit, A Unique Real-Time Video Editing App, Launches On iOS

LyvEdit, an innovative real-time video editor, has launched on the Apple App Store. It lets people highlight and remove parts of their video while recording, then generate a montage with a couple of clicks.

LyvEdit’s intuitive interface gives users the ability to rate their interest level in what they’re recording as it happens, an action that cuts the video into adjustable segments. When the recording is stopped, a selection of simple export options allows them to separate, combine, or delete clips based on their interest ratings. This easy process, performed in real-time, eliminates much of the tedious splitting and trimming normally required to shorten a video.

“At the heart of it, LyvEdit was made because I think the world needs more cat videos,” said Sanna Gervais, creator of LyvEdit. “I had all this great footage of my cats, but traditional editing is so arduous that it rarely got shared. Then it hit me: I know whether something is interesting while it’s happening, so why edit the footage after – or never? I looked everywhere for an app with the real-time editing features I wanted, but it didn’t seem to exist. Now it does!”

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With LyvEdit, the editing process is over before it’s even begun. It gives users of all skill levels an easy way to extract highlights and produce shareable recaps of long videos almost instantly, without handing their artistic control (or their data) to an algorithm. LyvEdit is fun and simple to use, saves time, and saves space by removing excess footage at the source.

Make a long story short with LyvEdit!

Download LyvEdit from the Apple App Store ( or visit to see it in action.

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